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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-01A Learning System Integrating Temporal Convolution and Deep Learning for Predictive Modeling of Crude Oil PriceNiu, T; Wang, J; Lu, H; Yang, W; Du, P
2018-02-01An analysis-forecast system for uncertainty modeling of wind speed: A case study of large-scale wind farmsWang, J; Niu, T; Lu, H; Guo, Z; Yang, W; Du, P
2020-06-15Developing a deep learning framework with two-stage feature selection for multivariate financial time series forecastingNiu, T; Wang, J; Lu, H; Yang, W; Du, P
2019-06-10Hybrid wind energy forecasting and analysis system based on divide and conquer scheme: A case study in ChinaYang, W; Wang, J; Lu, H; Niu, T; Du, P
2018-11-01An improved grey model optimized by multi-objective ant lion optimization algorithm for annual electricity consumption forecastingWang, J; Du, P; Lu, H; Yang, W; Niu, T
2018-04-01Multi-step-ahead wind speed forecasting based on optimal feature selection and a modified bat algorithm with the cognition strategyNiu, T; Wang, J; Zhang, K; Du, P
2020-01-01A Novel Framework of Reservoir Computing for Deterministic and Probabilistic Wind Power ForecastingWang, J; Niu, T; Lu, H; Yang, W; Du, P
1999-08-19Paraoxonase polymorphism and its effect on male reproductive outcomes among Chinese pesticide factory workersPadungtod, C; Niu, T; Wang, Z; Savitz, DA; Christiani, DC; Ryan, LM; Xu, X
2018-01-15Uncertainty modeling for chaotic time series based on optimal multi-input multi-output architecture: Application to offshore wind speedNiu, T; Wang, J; Lu, H; Du, P