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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Clinical impact of secretion retentionNtoumenopoulos, G
2012-09-01Computerised lung sound monitoring to assess effectiveness of chest physiotherapy and secretion removal: A feasibility studyNtoumenopoulos, G; Glickman, Y
2016-01-01A conservative oxygenation strategy is feasible and appears to be safe compared with liberal oxygenation in mechanically ventilated patients [commentary]Ntoumenopoulos, G
2014-01-01Detection of secretion retention in the ventilated patientParatz, J; Ntoumenopoulos, G
2011-12-01Do commonly used ventilator settings for mechanically ventilated adults have the potential to embed secretions or promote clearance?Ntoumenopoulos, G; Shannon, H; Main, E
2014-01-01Effects of manually-assisted cough combined with postural drainage, saline instillation and airway suctioning in critically-ill patients during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation: A prospective observational single centre trialNtoumenopoulos, G; Berry, M; Camporota, L
2021-09Incidence of early diaphragmatic dysfunction after lung transplantation: results of a prospective observational study.Crothers, E; Kennedy, DS; Emmanuel, S; Molan, N; Scott, S; Rogers, K; Glanville, AR; Ntoumenopoulos, G
2019-11Indicators of Airway Secretion Weight in Mechanically Ventilated SubjectsNtoumenopoulos, G; Berry, MP; Camporota, L; Lam, L
2016-10-01Inter-rater agreement of auscultation, palpable fremitus, and ventilator waveform sawtooth patterns between cliniciansBerry, MP; Martí, JD; Ntoumenopoulos, G
2014-01-01Justification for chest physiotherapy during ultra-protective lung ventilation and extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation: A case studyCork, G; Barrett, N; Ntoumenopoulos, G
2013-11-01Physiotherapy in mechanically ventilated patients: Why and howMarti, JD; Ntoumenopoulos, G; Torres, A
2015-01-01Rehabilitation during mechanical ventilation: Review of the recent literatureNtoumenopoulos, G
2018-07-01Secretion clearance strategies in Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care UnitsNtoumenopoulos, G; Hammond, N; Watts, NR; Thompson, K; Hanlon, G; Paratz, JD; Thomas, P
2011-08-01The validation of a clinical algorithm for the prevention and management of pulmonary dysfunction in intubated adults - A synthesis of evidence and expert opinionHanekom, S; Berney, S; Morrow, B; Ntoumenopoulos, G; Paratz, J; Patman, S; Louw, Q
2013-01-01Vibration response imaging: protocol for a systematic review.Berry, MP; Camporota, L; Ntoumenopoulos, G