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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05-05Cracking down on migrant workers isn't how to hold supermarkets to accountO'Brien, B; Boersma, M
2013-01-01Do physical capacity and interchange rest periods influence match exercise-intensity profile in Australian football?Mooney, M; Cormack, S; O'Brien, B; Coutts, AJ
2022-09Exploring the role of macrophages in determining the pathogenesis of liver fluke infection.Quinteros, SL; O'Brien, B; Donnelly, S
2023How do parasitic worms prevent diabetes? An exploration of their influence on macrophage and β-cell crosstalk.Camaya, I; O'Brien, B; Donnelly, S
2016-09-01Human Rights in the Supply Chains of Australian Businesses: Opportunities for Legislative ReformO'Brien, B; Boersma, M
2013-01-01Human trafficking and slavery offenders in AustraliaSimmons, F; O'Brien, B; David, F; Beacroft, L
2002-02-01In situ β cell death promotes priming of diabetogenic CD8 T lymphocytesZhang, Y; O'Brien, B; Trudeau, J; Tan, R; Santamaria, P; Dutz, JP
2013-01Insulin trafficking in a glucose responsive engineered human liver cell line is regulated by the interaction of ATP-sensitive potassium channels and voltage- gated calcium channelsSimpson, AM; Swan, MA; Liu, GJ; Tao, CZ; O'Brien, B; Ch'ng, E; Castro, LM; Ting, HJ; Elgundi, Z; An, T; Lutherborrow, M; Torpy, FR; Martin, DK; Tuch, BE; Nicholson, GM; Molina, FM
2017-10-03Selection of reliable reference genes for the normalisation of gene expression levels following time course LPS stimulation of murine bone marrow derived macrophagesTanaka, A; To, J; O'Brien, B; Donnelly, S; Lund, M
2017-11-21Targeting the master regulator mTOR: A new approach to prevent the neurological of consequences of parasitic infections?Donnelly, S; Huston, WM; Johnson, M; Tiberti, N; Saunders, B; O'Brien, B; Burke, C; Labbate, M; Combes, V
2022-02-22Targeting the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in pancreatic β-cells to enhance their survival and function: An emerging therapeutic strategy for type 1 diabetes.Camaya, I; Donnelly, S; O'Brien, B
2023The helminth derived peptide FhHDM-1 redirects macrophage metabolism towards glutaminolysis to regulate the pro-inflammatory response.Quinteros, SL; von Krusenstiern, E; Snyder, NW; Tanaka, A; O'Brien, B; Donnelly, S
2021-08-10The parasite-derived peptide FhHDM-1 activates the PI3K/Akt pathway to prevent cytokine-induced apoptosis of β-cells.Camaya, I; Mok, TY; Lund, M; To, J; Braidy, N; Robinson, MW; Santos, J; O'Brien, B; Donnelly, S
2022-07Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy and Clinical AplicationsMahoney, A; Nassif, N; O'Brien, B; Simpson, A; Dincer, S