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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06-15Alterations in miRNA processing and expression in pleomorphic adenomas of the salivary glandZhang, X; Cairns, M; Rose, B; O'Brien, C; Shannon, K; Clark, J; Gamble, J; Tran, N
2021-02-16Australia IBD Microbiome (AIM) Study: protocol for a multicentre longitudinal prospective cohort study.Williams, A-J; Paramsothy, R; Wu, N; Ghaly, S; Leach, S; Paramsothy, S; Corte, C; O'Brien, C; Burke, C; Wark, G; Samocha-Bonet, D; Lambert, K; Ahlenstiel, G; Wasinger, V; Dutt, S; Pavli, P; Grimm, M; Lemberg, D; Connor, S; Leong, R; Hold, G
2009-10-01The estimation of pig bone age for forensic application using thermogravimetric analysisRaja, S; Thomas, PS; Stuart, BH; Guerbois, JP; O'Brien, C
2006-08-01Human papillomavirus in the oral cavity of patients with and without renal transplantationRose, B; Wilkins, D; Li, W; Tran, N; Thompson, C; Cossart, Y; McGeechan, K; O'Brien, C; Eris, J
2012-09-01An Investigation of Model Forensic Bone in Soil Environments Studied Using Infrared SpectroscopyHowes, JM; Stuart, BH; Thomas, PS; Raja, S; O'Brien, C
2007-06-22MicroRNA expression profiles in head and neck cancer cell linesTran, N; McLean, T; Zhang, X; Zhao, CJ; Thomson, JM; O'Brien, C; Rose, B
2010-01Pyrolysis gas chromatography - mass spectrometry analysis for the estimation of pig bone age for forensic applicationRaja, S; Stuart, BH; Thomas, P; O'Brien, C; Vieira, DN; Busuttil, A; Cusach, D; Beth, P
2022-07Setting Preconception Care Priorities in Australia Using a Delphi Technique.Boyle, JA; Black, K; Dorney, E; Amor, DJ; Brown, L; Callander, E; Camilleri, R; Cheney, K; Gordon, A; Hammarberg, K; Jeyapalan, D; Leahy, D; Millard, J; Mills, C; Musgrave, L; Norman, RJ; O'Brien, C; Roach, V; Skouteris, H; Steel, A; Walker, S; Walker, R
2011-03-01A study of adipocere in soil collected from a field leaching studyCassar, J; Stuart, B; Dent, B; Notter, S; Forbes, S; O'Brien, C; Dadour, I