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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-12-09The ABACUS architectural approach to computer-based system and enterprise evolutionDunsire, K; O'Neill, T; Denford, M; Leaney, J
2007-06-18Application of Bayesian networks to architectural optimisationParakhine, A; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J
2004-12-01Architectural abstraction as transformation of poset labelled graphsDenford, M; Solomon, A; Leaney, J; O'Neill, T
2003-01-01Architecture-based design of computer based systemsDenford, M; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J
2000Architecture-based performance analysis of open computer based systemsO'Neill, T
2002-01-01Architecture-based visualisation of computer based systemsDenford, M; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J
2004-01The Case For Understanding Social Complexity In the Architecture-Based Analysis ProcessColquitt, D; Leaney, JR; O'Neill, T; Beekhuyzen, J
2008-05-28Design guidance using simulation-based Bayesian Belief NetworksParakhine, A; Leaney, J; O'Neill, T
2004-11-17Enabling optimisation in the design of complex computer based systemsLeaney, J; Denford, M; O'Neill, T
2005-12-01Enhancements to policy distribution for control flow and loopingSheridan-Smith, N; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J; Hunter, M
2008-01-01Evaluating Open Service Access with an Abstract Model of NGN FunctionsLee, S; Leaney, J; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M; Ma, Y; Choi, D; Ata, S
2007-06-18Formal architecture transformation using heuristicsMaxwell, C; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J
2006-12-01A framework for understanding heuristics in architectural optimisationMaxwell, C; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J
2006-12-01Guided architecture-based design optimisation of CBSsLivolsi, D; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J; Denford, M; Dunsire, K
2004-01Improving The User Experience Through Adaptive and Dynamic Service ManagementSheridan-Smith, NB; Colquitt, D; Soliman, JA; Leaney, JR; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M; Safaei, F
2002-01-01Issues in the construction of new measures within the discipline of open systemsLeaney, J; Rowe, D; O'Neill, T
2007-12-01Managing enterprise architecture changeO'Neill, T; Denford, M; Leaney, J; Dunsire, K
2003-01Managing the Enriched Experience Network - Learning-Outcome Approach to the Experimental Design Life-CycleLee, S; Sheridan-Smith, NB; O'Neill, T; Leaney, JR; Sandrasegaran, K; Markovits, S; Craze, S
2004-01Measuring the Effect of Cross-Traffic on Execution Time in a Parallel and Distributed Network SimulatorLee, S; Leaney, JR; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M; Safaei, F
2001-01-01Measuring the effectiveness of computer based systems: An open system measurement exampleLeaney, J; Rowe, D; O'Neill, T; Hoye, S; Gionis, P