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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-01A brief version of the Unhelpful Thoughts and Beliefs About Stuttering scales: The UTBAS-6Iverach, L; Heard, R; Menzies, R; Lowe, R; O’Brian, S; Packman, A; Onslow, M
2017-01-01Anxiety in 11-year-old children who stutter: Findings from a prospective longitudinal community sampleSmith, KA; Iverach, L; O’Brian, S; Mensah, F; Kefalianos, E; Hearne, A; Reilly, S
2019-07-03Characteristics of adults who stutter by treatments soughtIverach, L; Jones, M; Lowe, R; O’Brian, S; Menzies, RG; Packman, A; Onslow, M
2018-04-01Comparison of percentage of syllables stuttered with parent-reported severity ratings as a primary outcome measure in clinical trials of early stuttering treatmentOnslow, M; Jones, M; O’Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, R; Lowe, R; Arnott, S; Bridgman, K; de Sonneville, C; Franken, MC
2021-03Corrigendum to “The Satisfaction with Communication in Everyday Speaking Situations (SCESS) scale: An overarching outcome measure of treatment effect” [J. Fluency Disord. (2018), 58, 77–85]Karimi, H; Onslow, M; Jones, M; O’Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, R; Reilly, S; Sommer, M; Jelčić-Jakšić, S
2018-09-02The Lidcombe Program and child language development: Long-term assessmentImeson, J; Lowe, R; Onslow, M; Munro, N; Heard, R; O’Brian, S; Arnott, S
2017-01-01Safety behaviors and stutteringLowe, R; Helgadottir, FD; Menzies, R; Heard, R; O’Brian, S; Packman, A; Onslow, M
2016-07-03Standalone Internet speech restructuring treatment for adults who stutter: A phase I studyErickson, S; Block, S; Menzies, R; O’Brian, S; Packman, A; Onslow, M
2022-09-01Stuttering, family history and counselling: A contemporary databaseDarmody, T; O’Brian, S; Rogers, K; Onslow, M; Jacobs, C; McEwen, A; Lowe, R; Packman, A; Menzies, R