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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-10Footprints in Time: Physical Activity Levels and Sociodemographic and Movement-Related Associations Within the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children.Macniven, R; Wilson, R; Olds, T; Evans, J
2020-04-01Lifestyle clusters and academic achievement in Australian Indigenous children: Empirical findings and discussion of ecological levers for closing the gapWilson, R; Dumuid, D; Olds, T; Evans, J
2022-11Parent wellbeing, family screen time and socioeconomic status during early childhood predict physical activity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at ages 8-13.Macniven, R; Stanley, RM; Biles, B; Dumuid, D; Olds, T; Okely, AD; Chandler, P; Evans, J
2018-06-01Physical activity among indigenous Australian children and youth in remote and non-remote areasEvans, JR; Wilson, R; Coleman, C; Man, WYN; Olds, T
2016-11-01Results from Australia's 2016 report card on physical activity for children and youthSchranz, NK; Olds, T; Boyd, R; Evans, J; Gomersall, SR; Hardy, L; Hesketh, K; Lubans, DR; Ridgers, ND; Straker, L; Vella, S; Ziviani, J; Tomkinson, GR
2018-11-01Results from Australia's 2018 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and YouthSchranz, N; Glennon, V; Evans, J; Gomersall, S; Hardy, L; Hesketh, KD; Lubans, D; Ridgers, ND; Straker, L; Stylianou, M; Tomkinson, GR; Vella, S; Ziviani, J; Olds, T
2020-01-01Sport and academic performance in Australian Indigenous childrenDumuid, D; Wilson, R; Olds, T; Evans, JR