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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Beyond Two Decades of Social Transition in Ukraine: The Underestimated Power of Agency in Transition ResearchOleinikova, O
2011Crime as a Display of Marginalization in Contemporary Ukrainian SocietyOleinikova, O
2019-01-01Crimea - almost an Island?Oleinikova, O
2020-08-29Decentralization Reform: An Effective Vehicle for Modernization and Democratization in Ukraine?Oleinikova, O
2020Democracy, Diaspora and Ukraine: Thinking Beyond the Territorial MentalityOleinikova, O; Bayeh, J; Oleinikova, O; Bayeh, J
2019-04-02Democratic Transition Research: From Western to Post-Soviet East European ScholarshipOleinikova, O
2017-01-01Foreign funded NGOs in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: Recent restrictions and implicationsOleinikova, O
2022-12-09Language, agency, and displacement: Ukrainian war refugees in AustraliaBogachenko, T; Oleinikova, O; Boucher, A; Dovchin, S; Steele, C
2020-03-23Life Strategies of Migrants from Crisis Regimes: Achiever or Survivor?Oleinikova, O
2013Life-Course Strategies and Labor Migration: Ukrainians in Italy and PolandOleinikova, O
2015-01-01Migrants' life strategies and opportunity structures: Focus on post-independence Ukrainian labour migrantsOleinikova, O
2021-01-25Migration for Achievement: The Life Strategies of Skilled IT Migrants from Ukraine in AustraliaOleinikova, O
2017“Moving out of “Their Places”: 1991 - 2016 Migration of Ukrainians to AustraliaOleinikova, O; Pikulicka-Wilczewska, A; Uehling, G
2023-01-01New Eastern European Migration to Australia: From Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine to Sydney and beyondOleinikova, O
-The ghosts of “internal colonisation”: Anthropogenic impacts of Russian imperial ambitions in UkraineBogachenko, T; Oleinikova, O
2021-01-25Thinking Beyond the Centuries of Neglect: Diaspora and Democratic Processes in the Context of UkraineOleinikova, O