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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-01AdaSampling for positive-unlabeled and label noise learning with bioinformatics applicationsYang, P; Ormerod, JT; Liu, W; Ma, C; Zomaya, AY; Yang, JYH
2012-01-01Continued fraction enhancement of Bayesian computingWand, MP; Ormerod, JT
2010-05-01Explaining variational approximationsOrmerod, JT; Wand, MP
2020Fast and Accurate Binary Response Mixed Model Analysis via Expectation PropagationHall, P; Johnstone, IM; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP; Yu, JCF
2012-04-23Gaussian variational approximate inference for generalized linear mixed modelsOrmerod, JT; Wand, MP
2014-01-01Mean field variational bayes for continuous sparse signal shrinkage: Pitfalls and remediesNeville, SE; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
2011-12-01Mean field variational bayes for elaborate distributionsWand, MP; Ormerod, JT; Padoan, SA; Frührwirth, R
2013-08-26Mean field variational Bayesian inference for nonparametric regression with measurement errorPham, TH; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
2008-06-01On semiparametric regression with O'Sullivan penalized splinesWand, MP; Ormerod, JT
2010-03-01Parsimonious classification via generalized linear mixed modelsKauermann, G; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
2008-10-01Penalised spline support vector classifiers: Computational issuesOrmerod, JT; Wand, MP; Koch, I
2011-12-01Penalized wavelets: Embedding wavelets into semiparametric regressionWand, MP; Ormerod, JT
2019-05-14scMerge leverages factor analysis, stable expression, and pseudoreplication to merge multiple single-cell RNA-seq datasets.Lin, Y; Ghazanfar, S; Wang, KYX; Gagnon-Bartsch, JA; Lo, KK; Su, X; Han, Z-G; Ormerod, JT; Speed, TP; Yang, P; Yang, JYH
2018-10-01Semiparametric regression analysis via Infer.NETLuts, J; Wang, SSJ; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
2011-01-01Theory of Gaussian variational approximation for a Poisson mixed modelHall, P; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
2011-10-21Variational Bayesian inference for parametric and nonparametric regression with missing dataFaes, C; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
2016-01-01Wavelet-based gradient boostingDubossarsky, E; Friedman, JH; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP