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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05'Blurred boundaries': When nurses and midwives give anti-vaccination advice on Facebook.Green, J; Petty, J; Whiting, L; Orr, F; Smart, L; Brown, A-M; Jones, L
2021-04-08Bottle-feeding, a neglected area of learning and support for nurses working in child health: An exploratory qualitative study.Kotowski, J; Fowler, C; Orr, F
2020-01-06Bottle‐feeding an infant feeding modality: An integrative literature reviewKotowski, J; Fowler, C; Hourigan, C; Orr, F
2021-01-01Cultivating empathy through the development of a virtual empathy museumLevett-Jones, T; Orr, F; Simpson, C; Dean, S; Govind, N; Jakimowicz, S; Kelly, M; Pich, J
2019-07-30Cultural considerations in emergency careOrr, F; Curtis, K; Ramsden, C; Shaban, R; Fry, M; Considine, J
2018-03-01Developing nursing and midwifery students' capacity for coping with bullying and aggression in clinical settings: Students' evaluation of a learning resourceHogan, R; Orr, F; Fox, D; Cummins, A; Foureur, M
2021-07-26Developing Nursing Knowledge on COVID-19 in Children and Adolescents:An Integrative ReviewOrr, F
2013-11-01The distress of voice-hearing: The use of simulation for awareness, understanding and communication skill development in undergraduate nursing educationOrr, F; Kellehear, K; Armari, E; Pearson, A; Holmes, D
2021-10Exploring recovery-focused educational programmes for advancing mental health nursing: An integrative systematic literature review.Hawsawi, T; Stein-Parbury, J; Orr, F; Roche, M; Gill, K
1993From the schizophrenic mother to the contemporary role of carer: women's responsibility for mental disorderOrr, F
2018-01-20How retrofitting for green roofs and rooftop gardening can improve your health.Wilkinson, S; Orr, F
2022-12-07Learning that cannot come from a book: An evaluation of an undergraduate alcohol and other drugs subject co-produced with experts by experience.Goodhew, M; River, J; Samuel, Y; Gough, C; Street, K; Gilford, C; Cutler, N; Orr, F
2022-08Online Gamified Quizzes in Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing Education: Thematic Analysis of Students' Qualitative Views.Zugai, JS; Orr, F; Levett-Jones, T
2019-04-24Premature birth and Indigenous Australians – a commentaryHogan, R; Phillips, A; Green, J; Orr, F; Elliott, D; Fowler, C
2022-06-11Risk of developing CVD in women with a history of gestational diabetesAsgharvahedi, F; Gholizadeh, L; Orr, F; Khajehei, M
2019-11-06Simulation for developing healthcare graduates’ empathy skills: Virtual Empathy MuseumDean, S; Levett-Jones, T; Pich, J; Govind, N; Orr, F
2016-05-01Simulation in Nursing Education-International Perspectives and Contemporary Scope of PracticeKelly, MA; Berragan, E; Husebø, SE; Orr, F
2015-01-01Sustaining 'super' midwives: Building resilience in midwifery studentsHogan, R; Orr, F; Cummins, A
2021-02-02The development and evaluation of an integrated virtual patient case study and related online resources for person-centred nursing practice.Orr, F; Kelly, M; Virdun, C; Power, T; Phillips, A; Gray, J
2021-09-01‘The impact of the anti-vaccination movement and vaccine hesitancy on the health of the child’Green, J; Petty, J; Whiting, L; Orr, F; Walker, K; Brown, AM; Crisp, E; Fowler, C; Jones, L