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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01-01An academic occupation: Mobilisation, sit-in, speaking out and confrontation in the experiences of Māori academicsMercier, OR; Asmar, C; Page, S
2016-08-01Brilliant Minds: A Snapshot of Successful Indigenous Australian Doctoral StudentsTrudgett, M; Page, S; Harrison, N
2019-07-15Creating a degree-focused pedagogical framework to guide Indigenous graduate attribute curriculum developmentPage, S; Trudgett, M; Bodkin-Andrews, G
2010-07-01Delivering sustainable infrastructure that supports the urban built environmentBoyle, C; Mudd, G; Mihelcic, JR; Anastas, P; Collins, T; Culligan, P; Edwards, M; Gabe, J; Gallagher, P; Handy, S; Kao, JJ; Krumdieck, S; Lyles, LD; Mason, I; McDowall, R; Pearce, A; Riedy, C; Russell, J; Schnoor, JL; Trotz, M; Venables, R; Zimmerman, JB; Fuchs, V; Miller, S; Page, S; Reeder-Emery, K
2011Dispelling myths: Indigenous students’ engagement with universityAsmar, C; Page, S; Radloff, A
2017-01-02The dissertation examination: identifying critical factors in the success of Indigenous Australian doctoral studentsHarrison, N; Trudgett, M; Page, S
2016Exploring an Indigenous graduate attribute project through a critical race theory lensPage, S; Trudgett, M; Bodkin-Andrews, G
2015-01-01Exploring anomalies in Indigenous student engagement: findings from a national Australian survey of undergraduatesAsmar, C; Page, S; Radloff, A
2017-11-01Exposing the patterns of statistical blindness: Centring Indigenous standpoints on student identity, motivation, and future aspirationsBodkin-Andrews, G; Whittaker, A; Harrison, N; Craven, R; Parker, P; Trudgett, M; Page, S
2013-08-01Generative methodology: An inquiry into how a university can acknowledge a commitment to its Aboriginal communityHarrison, N; Page, S; Finneran, M
2022-01-01Great expectations: Senior Indigenous leadership positions in higher educationTrudgett, M; Page, S; Coates, SK
2021-12-08Indigenous higher education sector: The evolution of recognised Indigenous Leaders within Australian UniversitiesCoates, SK; Trudgett, M; Page, S
2022-01-01Indigenous institutional theory: a new theoretical framework and methodological toolCoates, SK; Trudgett, M; Page, S
2012Intersecting and Overlapping Spaces: Combining teacher and student perspectives to identify threshold concepts in Indigenous Australian Studies.Page, S
2021-01-01Ō tātou reo, Na domoda, Kuruwilang birad: Indigenous voices in higher educationHall, M; Naepi, S; Page, S
2017-07-01Past, Present and Future: Acknowledging Indigenous Achievement and Aspiration in Higher EducationTrudgett, M; Page, S; Sullivan, C
2022-04-01Peak bodies: Indigenous representation in the Australian higher education sectorTrudgett, M; Page, S; Coates, SK
2018-09-02Pigeonholed, peripheral or pioneering? Findings from a national study of Indigenous Australian academics in the disciplines<sup>*</sup>Asmar, C; Page, S
2019-07-04Tactics or strategies? Exploring everyday conditions to facilitate implementation of an Indigenous graduate attributes projectPage, S; Trudgett, M; Bodkin-Andrews, G
2020-01-01Talent war: recruiting Indigenous senior executives in Australian UniversitiesTrudgett, M; Page, S; Coates, SK