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2021-09Combination therapy of vanillic acid and oxaliplatin co-loaded in polysaccharide based functionalized polymeric micelles could offer effective treatment for colon cancer: A HypothesisKaur, J; Gulati, M; Gowthamarajan, K; Vishwas, S; Kumar Chellappan, D; Gupta, G; Dua, K; Pandey, NK; Kumar, B; Singh, SK
2024-04Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for estimation of quercetin present in hydro alcoholic extract of Erigeron bonariensis Linn.Mahanur, VB; Rajge, RR; Vishwas, S; Chaitanya, MVNL; Salahuddin,; Mishra, R; Pandey, NK; Singh, S; Baghel, DS; Gupta, G; Collet, T; Oguntibeju, OO; Adams, J; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2020-12-01Development of modified apple polysaccharide capped silver nanoparticles loaded with mesalamine for effective treatment of ulcerative colitisKaur, G; Singh, SK; Kumar, R; Kumar, B; Kumari, Y; Gulati, M; Pandey, NK; Gowthamarajan, K; Ghosh, D; Clarisse, A; Wadhwa, S; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Dua, K; Dureja, H; Gupta, S; Singh, PK; Kapoor, B; Chitranshi, N; Kumar, A; Porwal, O
2019-04-01Efficacy of co-administration of modified apple polysaccharide and probiotics in guar gum-Eudragit S100 based mesalamine mini tablets: A novel approach in treating ulcerative colitisMohanta, S; Singh, SK; Kumar, B; Gulati, M; Kumar, R; Yadav, AK; Wadhwa, S; Jyoti, J; Som, S; Dua, K; Pandey, NK
-Expanding arsenal against diabetes mellitus through nanoformulations loaded with glimepiride and simvastatin: A comparative studyPandey, NK; Singh, SK; Kumar, B; Gulati, M; Vishwas, S; Khursheed, R; Dureja, H; Chellappan, DK; Jha, NK; Sharma, A; Jha, SK; Gupta, PK; Gupta, S; Gupta, G; Prasher, P; Dua, K
2021-05-17Exploring role of polysaccharides present in Ganoderma lucidium extract powder and probiotics as solid carriers in development of liquisolid formulation loaded with quercetin: A novel study.Khursheed, R; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Wadhwa, S; Kapoor, B; Pandey, NK; Chellappan, DK; Gupta, G; Jha, NK; Dua, K; Kapoor, DN; Karri, VVSR; Pattanayak, P; Sharni, A; Mondal, S
2023-02Formulation and evaluation of ocular self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system of brimonidine tartrateVikash, B; Shashi,; Pandey, NK; Kumar, B; Wadhwa, S; Goutam, U; Alam, A; Al-Otaibi, F; Chaubey, P; Mustafa, G; Gupta, G; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2023-04Formulation of chrysin loaded nanostructured lipid carriers using Box Behnken design, its characterization and antibacterial evaluation alone and in presence of probiotics co-loaded in gelParveen, SR; Wadhwa, S; Babu, MR; Vishwas, S; Corrie, L; Awasthi, A; Khan, FR; Al-Bazi, MM; Alharthi, NS; Alotaibi, F; Gupta, G; Pandey, NK; Kumar, B; Kumbhar, P; Disouza, J; Gulati, M; Neelamraju, J; Madempudi, RS; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2023-12-01Harnessing the neuroprotective effect of oral administration of benfotiamine in MPTP induced Parkinson's disease in rats.Bashir, B; Mittal, S; Muthukumar, A; Vishwas, S; Pandey, NK; Gulati, M; Gupta, G; Dhanasekaran, M; Kumar, P; Dureja, H; Veiga, F; Paiva-Santos, AC; Adams, J; Dua, K; Singh, SK
-Multivariate Data Analysis and Central Composite Design-Oriented Optimization of Solid Carriers for Formulation of Curcumin-Loaded Solid SNEDDS: Dissolution and Bioavailability AssessmentCorrie, L; Kaur, J; Awasthi, A; Vishwas, S; Gulati, M; Saini, S; Kumar, B; Pandey, NK; Gupta, G; Dureja, H; Chellapan, DK; Dua, K; Tewari, D; Singh, SK
2020-10Nanocarriers for treatment of dermatological diseases: Principle, perspective and practicesRamanunny, AK; Wadhwa, S; Gulati, M; Singh, SK; Kapoor, B; Dureja, H; Chellappan, DK; Anand, K; Dua, K; Khursheed, R; Awasthi, A; Kumar, R; Kaur, J; Corrie, L; Pandey, NK
-Novel Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Co-Loaded with Mesalamine and Curcumin: Formulation, Optimization and In Vitro EvaluationAwasthi, A; Kumar, B; Gulati, M; Vishwas, S; Corrie, L; Kaur, J; Khursheed, R; Muhammed, RA; Kala, D; Porwal, O; Babu, MR; Chaitanya, MVNL; Kumar, A; Pandey, NK; Dureja, H; Chellappan, DK; Jha, NK; Gupta, G; Prasher, P; Kumar, D; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2024-02-16Opening avenues for treatment of neurodegenerative disease using post-biotics: Breakthroughs and bottlenecks in clinical translation.Bashir, B; Alam, S; Khandale, N; Birla, D; Vishwas, S; Pandey, NK; Gupta, G; Paudel, KR; Dureja, H; Kumar, P; Singh, TG; Kuppusamy, G; Zacconi, F; Pinto, TDJA; Dhanasekaran, M; Gulati, M; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2020-12-01Overcoming the dissolution rate, gastrointestinal permeability and oral bioavailability of glimepiride and simvastatin co-delivered in the form of nanosuspension and solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system: A comparative studyPandey, NK; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Kumar, B; Kapoor, B; Ghosh, D; Kumar, R; Khursheed, R; Awasthi, A; Kuppusamy, G; Wadhwa, S; Satija, S; Dureja, H; Jain, SK; Chellappan, DK; Anand, K; Mehta, M; Dua, K
2022-08-05Treatment strategies for HIV infection with emphasis on role of CRISPR/Cas9 gene: Success so far and road ahead.Jena, R; Vishwas, S; Kumar, R; Kaur, J; Khursheed, R; Gulati, M; Singh, TG; Vanathi, BM; Alam, A; Kumar, B; Chaitanya, MVNL; Gupta, S; Negi, P; Pandey, NK; Bhatt, S; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Oliver, BG; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2023-05Unravelling the role of solid lipid nanoparticles in drug delivery: Journey from laboratory to clinical trialHarish, V; Mohd, S; Tewari, D; Pandey, NK; Vishwas, S; Babu, MR; Salkini, MA; Rehman, ZU; Alotaibi, JT; Alotaibi, RF; Alrashed, FA; Prasher, P; Sharma, N; Gupta, G; Jakhmola, V; Singh, Y; de Jesus Andreoli Pinto, T; Paudel, KR; Mittal, N; Singh, TG; Arora, P; Dua, K; Singh, SK