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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-10A Comprehensive Review on the Emerging Roles of Nanofillers and Plasticizers towards Sustainable Starch-Based Bioplastic Fabrication.Tan, SX; Andriyana, A; Ong, HC; Lim, S; Pang, YL; Ngoh, GC
2022-04-27Audio-Visual Object Classification for Human-Robot CollaborationXompero, A; Pang, YL; Patten, T; Prabhakar, A; Calli, B; Cavallaro, A
2022-01-11Characterization and Parametric Study on Mechanical Properties Enhancement in Biodegradable Chitosan-Reinforced Starch-Based Bioplastic Film.Tan, SX; Ong, HC; Andriyana, A; Lim, S; Pang, YL; Kusumo, F; Ngoh, GC
2019-01-29A comprehensive review on state-of-the-art photo-, sono-, and sonophotocatalytic treatments to degrade emerging contaminantsYap, HC; Pang, YL; Lim, S; Abdullah, AZ; Ong, HC; Wu, CH
2021-12-15Rapid Ultrasound-Assisted Starch Extraction from Sago Pith Waste (SPW) for the Fabrication of Sustainable Bioplastic Film.Tan, SX; Andriyana, A; Lim, S; Ong, HC; Pang, YL; Ngoh, GC
2019-01-01State of the art review on development of ultrasound-assisted catalytic transesterification process for biodiesel productionTan, SX; Lim, S; Ong, HC; Pang, YL
2019-12-01Two-step catalytic reactive extraction and transesterification process via ultrasonic irradiation for biodiesel production from solid Jatropha oil seedsTan, SX; Lim, S; Ong, HC; Pang, YL; Fitranto, K; Goh, BHH; Chong, CT
2020-10-01Utilisation of biomass wastes based activated carbon supported heterogeneous acid catalyst for biodiesel productionTang, ZE; Lim, S; Pang, YL; Shuit, SH; Ong, HC