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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-09Countries, parental occupation, and girls' interest in scienceGuo, J; Marsh, HW; Parker, PD; Dicke, T; Van Zanden, B
2020-01Discrimination as a frame-of-reference effect in overlapping friendship communities of ethnically diverse youth.Sahdra, BK; Ciarrochi, J; Parker, PD; Craven, R; Brockman, R; Devine, EK; Conigrave, J; Chang, DF
2018-04-01Girls get smart, boys get smug: Historical changes in gender differences in math, literacy, and academic social comparison and achievementParker, PD; Van Zanden, B; Parker, RB
2017-02-01How well do parents know their adolescent children? Parent inferences of student self-concepts reflect dimensional comparison processesVan Zanden, B; Marsh, HW; Seaton, M; Parker, PD; Guo, J; Duineveld, JJ
2021-01-01Illusory gender-equality paradox, math self-concept, and frame-of-reference effects: New integrative explanations for multiple paradoxes.Marsh, HW; Parker, PD; Guo, J; Basarkod, G; Niepel, C; Van Zanden, B
2016-04-02Physical Activity and School Engagement in Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisOwen, KB; Parker, PD; Van Zanden, B; MacMillan, F; Astell-Burt, T; Lonsdale, C
2020The Intersection of Gender, Social Class, and Cultural Context: a Meta-AnalysisParker, PD; Van Zanden, B; Marsh, HW; Owen, K; Duineveld, JJ; Noetel, M
2019-12-01Trends in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Multidomain Well-Being: Decomposing Persistent, Maturation, and Period Effects in Emerging AdulthoodParker, PD; Bodkin-Andrews, G; Parker, RB; Biddle, N
2015-12-01Will closing the achievement gap solve the problem? An analysis of primary and secondary effects for indigenous university entryParker, PD; Bodkin-Andrews, G; Marsh, HW; Jerrim, J; Schoon, I
2019-10-01Young Women Face Disadvantage to Enrollment in University STEM Coursework Regardless of Prior Achievement and AttitudesMarsh, HW; Van Zanden, B; Parker, PD; Guo, J; Conigrave, J; Seaton, M