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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-15A Child's Concept of Pain: An International Survey of Pediatric Pain Experts.Pate, JW; Hush, JM; Hancock, MJ; Moseley, GL; Butler, DS; Simons, LE; Pacey, V
2023-08An evaluation of a one-day pain science education event in a high school setting targeting pain related beliefs, knowledge, and behavioural intentions.Mankelow, J; Ravindran, D; Graham, A; Suri, S; Pate, JW; Ryan, CG; Martin, D
2022-04Assessing a child or adolescent with low back pain is different to assessing an adult with low back pain.Pate, JW; Joslin, R; Hurtubise, K; Anderson, DB
2019-09-01Best-Evidence for the Rehabilitation of Chronic Pain Part 1: Pediatric PainHarrison, LE; Pate, JW; Richardson, PA; Ickmans, K; Wicksell, RK; Simons, LE
2022-01Comparison between 2000 and 2018 on the reporting of statistical significance and clinical relevance in physiotherapy clinical trials in six major physiotherapy journals: a meta-research designVerhagen, A; Stubbs, PW; Mehta, P; Kennedy, D; Nasser, AM; Quel de Oliveira, C; Pate, JW; Skinner, IW; McCambridge, AB
2020-12Creating online animated videos to reach and engage youth: Lessons learned from pain science education and a call to actionPate, JW; Heathcote, LC; Simons, LE; Leake, H; Moseley, GL
2022Developmental Influences on the Meanings of Pain in ChildrenPate, JW
2023-02-13Do Teachers Question the Reality of Pain in Their Students? A Survey Using the Concept of Pain Inventory-Proxy (COPI-Proxy).Fechner, R; Noel, M; Verhagen, A; Turbitt, E; Pate, JW
2019-10-01Exploring the concept of pain of Australian children with and without pain: Qualitative studyPate, JW; Noblet, T; Hush, JM; Hancock, MJ; Sandells, R; Pounder, M; Pacey, V
2023-04-10Implementation of an online pain science education for chronic musculoskeletal pain in Brazilian public health system: protocol for a hybrid type III randomised controlled trial with economic evaluation.Baroni, MP; Hespanhol, L; Miyamoto, GC; Daniel, CR; Fernandes, LG; Dos Reis, FJJ; Pate, JW; Saragiotto, BT
2019-03-15Longitudinal Fibular Deficiency: A Cross-Sectional Study Comparing Lower Limb Function of Children and Young People with That of Unaffected PeersPate, JW; Hancock, MJ; Tofts, L; Epps, A; Baldwin, JN; Mckay, MJ; Burns, J; Morris, E; Pacey, V
2023Online information on chronic pain in 3 countries: an assessment of readability, credibility, and accuracy.Basnet, R; Mendez, DR; Lugo-González, I; O'Hagan, E; O'Keeffe, M; Sharma, S; Pate, JW; Kennedy, DS
2019Pain neuroscience education on YouTube.Heathcote, LC; Pate, JW; Park, AL; Leake, HB; Moseley, GL; Kronman, CA; Fischer, M; Timmers, I; Simons, LE
2022-05-20Pain science education for children living with and beyond cancer: Challenges and research agenda.Rheel, E; Heathcote, LC; van der Werff Ten Bosch, J; Schulte, F; Pate, JW
2020-04Prognostic factors for pain and functional disability in children and adolescents with persisting pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Pate, JW; Hancock, MJ; Hush, JM; Gray, K; Pounder, M; Pacey, V
2021-05-31Single Case Experimental Design: A New Approach for Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Research?Pate, JW; McCambridge, AB
2020-10-04Something Else Going On? Diagnostic Uncertainty in Children with Chronic Pain and Their Parents.Tanna, V; Heathcote, LC; Heirich, MS; Rush, G; Neville, A; Noel, M; Pate, JW; Simons, LE
2023-02-01Targeting Pain Science Education in Youth With Chronic Pain: What Are the Sticking Points for Youth and Their Parents?Pate, JW; Harrison, LE; Hess, CW; Moseley, GL; Rush, G; Heathcote, LC; Simons, LE
2020-12The Concept of Pain Inventory (COPI): Assessing a Child's Concept of Pain.Pate, JW; Simons, LE; Hancock, MJ; Hush, JM; Noblet, T; Pounder, M; Pacey, V
2021-10-12The Concept of Pain Inventory for Adults (COPI-Adult): Assessing Knowledge and Beliefs Regarding Pain Science Education.Pate, JW; Simons, LE; Rush, G; Hancock, MJ; Hush, JM; Verhagen, A; Pacey, V