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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-03A comparison of human and pig decomposition rates and odour profiles in an Australian environmentKnobel, Z; Ueland, M; Nizio, KD; Patel, D; Forbes, SL
2010-07-01Evidence for associations between the purinergic receptor P2X 7 (P2RX7) and toxoplasmosisJamieson, SE; Peixoto-Rangel, AL; Hargrave, AC; Roubaix, LAD; Mui, EJ; Boulter, NR; Miller, EN; Fuller, SJ; Wiley, JS; Castellucci, L; Boyer, K; Peixe, RG; Kirisits, MJ; Elias, LDS; Coyne, JJ; Correa-Oliveira, R; Sautter, M; Smith, NC; Lees, MP; Swisher, CN; Heydemann, P; Noble, AG; Patel, D; Bardo, D; Burrowes, D; McLone, D; Roizen, N; Withers, S; Bahia-Oliveira, LMG; McLeod, R; Blackwell, JM
2023-08-06Foundations and Applications in Large-scale AI Models: Pre-training, Fine-tuning, and Prompt-based LearningCheng, D; Patel, D; Pang, L; Mehta, S; Xie, K; Chi, EH; Liu, W; Chawla, N; Bailey, J
2021-03-20Headspace analysis of E-cigarette fluids using comprehensive two dimensional GC×GC-TOF-MS reveals the presence of volatile and toxic compounds.Patel, D; Taudte, RV; Nizio, K; Herok, G; Cranfield, C; Shimmon, R
2020-11Malaria Risk and Prevention in Asian Migrants to Angola.Martins, JF; Marques, C; Nieto-Andrade, B; Kelley, J; Patel, D; Nace, D; Herman, C; Barratt, J; Ponce de León, G; Talundzic, E; Rogier, E; Halsey, ES; Plucinski, MM
2002-01Organizational transition to Object Technology: Theory and PracticeSerour, MK; Henderson-Sellers, B; Hughes, JM; Winder, D; Chow, L; Bellahsene, Z; Patel, D; Rolland, C
2002-01Sizing Use Cases: How To Create a Standard Metrical ApproachHenderson-Sellers, B; Zowghi, D; Klemola, T; Parasuram, S; Bellahsene, Z; Patel, D; Rolland, C