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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-15Actuating Myself: Designing Hand-Games Incorporating Electrical Muscle StimulationPatibanda, R; Li, X; Chen, Y; Saini, A; Hill, CN; van den Hoven, E; Mueller, FF
2022-10-25Gooey Gut Trail: Board Game Play to Understand Human-Microbial InteractionsPasumarthy, N; Patibanda, R; Tai, YLE; van den Hoven, E; Danaher, J; Khot, RA
2020-04-25Motor memory in HCIPatibanda, R; Semertzidis, NA; Scary, M; La Delfa, JN; Andres, J; Baytaş, MA; Martin-Niedecken, AL; Strohmeier, P; Fruchard, B; Leigh, SW; Mekler, ED; Nanayakkara, S; Wiemeyer, J; Berthouze, N; Kunze, K; Rikakis, T; Kelliher, A; Warwick, K; Van Den Hoven, E; Mueller, FF; Mann, S
2021-05-08Out of Your Mind!? Embodied Interaction in Sportsvan Rheden, V; Grah, T; Meschtscherjakov, A; Patibanda, R; Liu, W; Daiber, F; van den Hoven, E; Mueller, F
2020-01-22Reducing perceived waiting time in theme park queues via an augmented reality gameZambetta, F; Raffe, W; Tamassia, M; Mueller, FF; Li, X; Quinten, N; Patibanda, R; Dang, D; Satterley, J
2022-10-29SomaFlatables: Supporting Embodied Cognition through Pneumatic BladdersSaini, A; Huang, H; Patibanda, R; Overdevest, N; Van Den Hoven, E; Mueller, FF
2022-11-02TouchMate: Understanding the Design of Body Actuating Games using Physical TouchNisal, S; Patibanda, R; Saini, A; Van Den Hoven, E; Mueller, FF
2022-11-02Towards Understanding the Design of Body-Actuated PlayPatibanda, R; Van Den Hoven, E; Mueller, F