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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01Addressing the Sim2Real Gap in Robotic 3-D Object ClassificationWeibel, JB; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2015A Bayesian Approach for Time-Constrained 3D Outdoor Object Recognition [Extended Abstract]Patten, T; Kassir, A; Martens, W; Douillard, B; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2019-03-01Dec-MCTS: Decentralized planning for multi-robot active perceptionBest, G; Cliff, OM; Patten, T; Mettu, RR; Fitch, R
2016-12-18Decentralised Monte Carlo Tree Search for Active PerceptionBest, G; Cliff, O; Patten, T; Mettu, R; Fitch, R
2020DGCM-Net: Dense Geometrical Correspondence Matching Network for Incremental Experience-Based Robotic Grasping.Patten, T; Park, K; Vincze, M
2013-01-01Large-scale near-optimal decentralised information gathering with multiple mobile robotsPatten, T; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2021-01-01Learning Image-Based Contaminant Detection in Wool Fleece from Noisy AnnotationsPatten, T; Alempijevic, A; Fitch, R
2018-02-01Monte Carlo planning for active object classificationPatten, T; Martens, W; Fitch, R
2016-12-09Multi-robot coverage planning with resource constraints for horticulture applicationsPatten, T; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2020-01-01Neural Object Learning for 6D Pose Estimation Using a Few Cluttered ImagesPark, K; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2021-01-01Object Learning for 6D Pose Estimation and Grasping from RGB-D Videos of In-hand ManipulationPatten, T; Park, K; Leitner, M; Wolfram, K; Vincze, M
2020-01-01Physical Plausibility of 6D Pose Estimates in Scenes of Static Rigid ObjectsBauer, D; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2015-01-01Robotics for sustainable broad-acre agricultureBall, D; Ross, P; English, A; Patten, T; Upcroft, B; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S; Wyeth, G; Corke, P
2021-12-06Skirting Line Annotation via Deformation ModellingAlempijevic, A; Patten, T; Banuelos, DAP; Guenot-Falque, R
2021-01-01Usability Study of Learning-Based Pose Estimation of Industrial Objects from Synthetic Depth DataThalhammer, S; Patten, T; Vincze, M; Ratchev, S
2015-01-01User interface and coverage planner for agricultural roboticsRichards, D; Patten, T; Fitch, R; Ball, D; Sukkarieh, S
2020-07-01VeREFINE: Integrating Object Pose Verification with Physics-Guided Iterative RefinementBauer, D; Patten, T; Vincze, M
2016-01-01Viewpoint Evaluation for Online 3-D Active Object ClassificationPatten, T; Zillich, M; Fitch, R; Vincze, M; Sukkarieh, S