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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Comparative membrane proteomics reveal contrasting adaptation strategies for coastal and oceanic marine Synechococcus cyanobacteria.Teoh, F; Shah, B; Ostrowski, M; Paulsen, I
2018-07-17Data Descriptor: Systematic, continental scale temporal monitoring of marine pelagic microbiota by the Australian Marine Microbial Biodiversity InitiativeBrown, MV; Van De Kamp, J; Ostrowski, M; Seymour, JR; Ingleton, T; Messer, LF; Jeffries, T; Siboni, N; Laverock, B; Bibiloni-Isaksson, J; Nelson, TM; Coman, F; Davies, CH; Frampton, D; Rayner, M; Goossen, K; Robert, S; Holmes, B; Abell, GCJ; Craw, P; Kahlke, T; Sow, SLS; McAllister, K; Windsor, J; Skuza, M; Crossing, R; Patten, N; Malthouse, P; Van Ruth, PD; Paulsen, I; Fuhrman, JA; Richardson, A; Koval, J; Bissett, A; Fitzgerald, A; Moltmann, T; Bodrossy, L
2023-04-01From the Surface Ocean to the Seafloor: Linking Modern and Paleo-Genetics at the Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica (IN2017_V01)Armbrecht, L; Focardi, A; Lawler, KA; O’Brien, P; Leventer, A; Noble, TL; Opdyke, B; Duffy, M; Evangelinos, D; George, SC; Lieser, J; López-Quirós, A; Post, A; Ostrowski, M; Paulsen, I; Armand, L
2012-09-01Geochemical and microbial diversity of bundera sinkhole, an anchialine system in the eastern Indian oceanHumphreys, W; Tetu, S; Elbourne, L; Gillings, M; Seymour, J; Mitchell, J; Paulsen, I
-Investigating the Diversity of Marine Bacteriophage in Contrasting Water Masses Associated with the East Australian Current (EAC) SystemFocardi, A; Ostrowski, M; Goossen, K; Brown, MV; Paulsen, I
-Microbial tropicalization driven by a strengthening western ocean boundary currentMesser, LF; Ostrowski, M; Doblin, MA; Petrou, K; Baird, ME; Ingleton, T; Bissett, A; Van de Kamp, J; Nelson, T; Paulsen, I; Bodrossy, L; Fuhrman, JA; Seymour, JR; Brown, MV
2012-11-20Resolving low-expression cell surface antigens by time-gated orthogonal scanning automated microscopyLu, J; Martin, J; Lu, Y; Zhao, J; Yuan, J; Ostrowski, M; Paulsen, I; Piper, JA; Jin, D