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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Authoritarianism, Populism, and the Global Retreat of Democracy: A Curated DiscussionAdler, PS; Adly, A; Armanios, DE; Battilana, J; Bodrožić, Z; Clegg, S; Davis, GF; Gartenberg, C; Glynn, MA; Aslan Gümüsay, A; Haveman, HA; Leonardi, P; Lounsbury, M; McGahan, AM; Meyer, R; Phillips, N; Sheppard-Jones, K
2011-09-01Interactive effects of elevated CO <inf>2</inf> and drought on nocturnal water fluxes in Eucalyptus salignaZeppel, MJB; Lewis, JD; Medlyn, B; Barton, CVM; Duursma, RA; Eamus, D; Adams, MA; Phillips, N; Ellsworth, DS; Forster, MA; Tissue, DT
2023-08Molecular characterisation of the Australian and New Zealand livestock Chlamydia pecorum strains confirms novel but clonal ST23 in association with ovine foetal loss.Jelocnik, M; White, RT; Clune, T; O'Connell, J; Foxwell, J; Hair, S; Besier, S; Tom, L; Phillips, N; Robbins, A; Bogema, D; Vaz, PK; Legione, AR; Jenkins, C; Jacobson, C
2006-01-01Power and organizationsClegg, SR; Courpasson, D; Phillips, N
2022-10Prevalence and predictors of poor outcome in children with febrile neutropaenia presenting to the emergency department.Long, E; Babl, FE; Phillips, N; Craig, S; Zhang, M; Kochar, A; McCaskill, M; Borland, ML; Slavin, MA; Phillips, R; Lourenco, RDA; Michinaud, F; Thursky, KA; Haeusler, G; Australian PICNICC Study Group and the PREDICT Network,
2001-01-01Reflexivity in organization and management theory: A study of the production of the research 'subjectHardy, C; Phillips, N; Clegg, S