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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A history of university income in the United Kingdom and Australia, 1922–2017Pietsch, T
2016-01-02Afterword: What was Britain? Where is its history?Pietsch, T
2016Between the local and the universal: Academic worlds and the long history of the universityPietsch, T; Chou, M-H; Kamola, I; Pietsch, T
2011Between the Nation and the World: J.T. Wilson and scientific networks in the early twentieth centuryPietsch, T; Bennett, B; Hodge, J
2019-01-01Commercial travel and college culture: The 1920s transatlantic student market and the Foundations of Mass TourismPietsch, T
2023-12-01Educational LandscapesPietsch, T; Clark, A; Kemmis, G; Pietsch, T
2021Elizabeth Lippincott McQueen: Thinking international peace in an air-minded agePietsch, T; Owens, P; Rietzler, K
2015-01-01Empire of scholars: Universities, networks and the British academic world, 1850-1939Pietsch, T
2023-07-01Gender and the invisibility of care on WikipediaFord, H; Pietsch, T; Tall, K
2012-09-01Geographies of Nineteenth-Century SciencePietsch, T
2017Geographies of Selection: Academic Appointments in the British Academic World, 1850-1939Pietsch, T; Jöns, H; Meusburger, P; Heffernan, M
2023Histories of Australian DemocracyPietsch, T; Bongiorno, F; Clark, A; Flanagan, F; Rubenstein, K; Schultz, J; Wallace, C
2023Histories of Australian Democracy: Australian Centre for Public History UTS Working PaperPietsch, T; Bongiorno, F; Clark, A; Flanagan, F; Rubenstein, K; Schultz, J; Wallace, C
2014Imperium et Libertas: G.C. Henderson and ‘Colonial Historical ResearchPietsch, T; Prest, W
2016-12-12Integrated (epi)-Genomic Analyses Identify Subgroup-Specific Therapeutic Targets in CNS Rhabdoid Tumors.Torchia, J; Golbourn, B; Feng, S; Ho, KC; Sin-Chan, P; Vasiljevic, A; Norman, JD; Guilhamon, P; Garzia, L; Agamez, NR; Lu, M; Chan, TS; Picard, D; de Antonellis, P; Khuong-Quang, D-A; Planello, AC; Zeller, C; Barsyte-Lovejoy, D; Lafay-Cousin, L; Letourneau, L; Bourgey, M; Yu, M; Gendoo, DMA; Dzamba, M; Barszczyk, M; Medina, T; Riemenschneider, AN; Morrissy, AS; Ra, Y-S; Ramaswamy, V; Remke, M; Dunham, CP; Yip, S; Ng, H-K; Lu, J-Q; Mehta, V; Albrecht, S; Pimentel, J; Chan, JA; Somers, GR; Faria, CC; Roque, L; Fouladi, M; Hoffman, LM; Moore, AS; Wang, Y; Choi, SA; Hansford, JR; Catchpoole, D; Birks, DK; Foreman, NK; Strother, D; Klekner, A; Bognár, L; Garami, M; Hauser, P; Hortobágyi, T; Wilson, B; Hukin, J; Carret, A-S; Van Meter, TE; Hwang, EI; Gajjar, A; Chiou, S-H; Nakamura, H; Toledano, H; Fried, I; Fults, D; Wataya, T; Fryer, C; Eisenstat, DD; Scheinemann, K; Fleming, AJ; Johnston, DL; Michaud, J; Zelcer, S; Hammond, R; Afzal, S; Ramsay, DA; Sirachainan, N; Hongeng, S; Larbcharoensub, N; Grundy, RG; Lulla, RR; Fangusaro, JR; Druker, H; Bartels, U; Grant, R; Malkin, D; McGlade, CJ; Nicolaides, T; Tihan, T; Phillips, J; Majewski, J; Montpetit, A; Bourque, G; Bader, GD; Reddy, AT; Gillespie, GY; Warmuth-Metz, M; Rutkowski, S; Tabori, U; Lupien, M; Brudno, M; Schüller, U; Pietsch, T; Judkins, AR; Hawkins, CE; Bouffet, E; Kim, S-K; Dirks, PB; Taylor, MD; Erdreich-Epstein, A; Arrowsmith, CH; De Carvalho, DD; Rutka, JT; Jabado, N; Huang, A
2021-12-25Learning at Sea: Education Aboard the 1926–27 Floating UniversityPietsch, T; Liebich, S; Publicover, L
2011-11-01Many rhodes: Travelling scholarships and imperial citizenship in the british academic world, 1880-1940Pietsch, T
2012'Mending a broken world': The Universities and the Nation, 1918-36Pietsch, T; Beers, L; Thomas, G
2013Out of Empire: The Universities’ Bureau and the Congresses of the Universities of the British Empire, 1913-1939Pietsch, T; Schreuder, D
2023-12Placing DarlinghurstClark, A; Clark, A; Pietsch, T; Kemmis, G