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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-01Aboveground biomass variability across intact and degraded forests in the Brazilian AmazonLongo, M; Keller, M; dos-Santos, MN; Leitold, V; Pinagé, ER; Baccini, A; Saatchi, S; Nogueira, EM; Batistella, M; Morton, DC
2015-01-01Detection of logging infrastructure in the state of rondônia using remotely sensed dataPinagé, ER; Matricardi, EAT
2016-06-01Estimates of selective logging impacts in tropical forest canopy cover using RapidEye imagery and field dataPinagé, ER; Matricardi, EAT; Leal, FA; Pedlowski, MA
2019-09-13Estimation of coarse dead wood stocks in intact and degraded forests in the Brazilian Amazon using airborne lidarScaranello, MAS; Keller, M; Longo, M; Dos-Santos, MN; Leitold, V; Morton, DC; Pinagé, ER; Del Bon Espírito-Santo, F
2019-04-08Estimation of Coarse Woody Debris Stocks in Intact and Degraded Forests in the Brazilian Amazon Using Airborne LidarScaranello, MAS; Keller, M; Longo, M; dos-Santos, MN; Leitold, V; Morton, DC; Pinagé, ER; Espírito-Santo, FDB
2019-01-01ForestGapR: An r Package for forest gap analysis from canopy height modelsSilva, CA; Valbuena, R; Pinagé, ER; Mohan, M; de Almeida, DRA; North Broadbent, E; Jaafar, WSWM; de Almeida Papa, D; Cardil, A; Klauberg, C
2014Gap Fraction Estimates over Selectively Logged Forests in Western AmazonPinagé, ER; Matricardi, EAT; Osako, LS; Gomes, AR
2014Mapeamento multitemporal do antropismo na Floresta Nacional de Jacundá, Estado de Rondônia, a partir do uso de imagens LANDSAT - Multi-temporal anthropic mapping in the Jacundá National Forest, Brazilian Amazonia, using LANDSAT imageryPinagé, ER; Osako, LS; Rego, GSMDM
2022-11-01Spatiotemporal Analysis of Extreme Temperature Change on the Tibetan Plateau Based On Quantile RegressionYao, L; Lu, J; Zhang, W; Qin, J; Zhou, C; Tran, NN; Pinagé, ER
2023-03-09Surface energy dynamics and canopy structural properties in intact and disturbed forests in the Southern AmazonPinagé, ER; Bell, DM; Longo, M; Silva, CA; Csillik, O; Huete, AR