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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-03The association between trauma experienced during incarceration and PTSD outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysisPiper, A; Berle, D
2017-03-15Book Thieves: Theft and Literary Culture in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century AustraliaPiper, A
2018Co-Offenders before the Court: The Joinder Effect in Victoria, 1861-1961Piper, A; Vogel, L
2020-09-23Crowdsourcing: Citizen History and Criminal CharactersPiper, A; Ashton, P; Evans, T; Hamilton, P
2017-01-02Defending the Accused: The Impact of Legal Representation on Criminal Trial Outcomes in Victoria, Australia 1861–1961Piper, A; Finnane, M
2020-07-02Digital crowdsourcing and public understandings of the past: citizen historians meet Criminal CharactersPiper, A
2020-01-30Female and Male Prisoners in Queensland 1880–1899Piper, A; Bijleveld, C; Dennison, S; de Bruin, J; van der Heijden, M; Pluskota, M; Muurling, S
2019-06-15Gender Violence in Australia: Historical PerspectivesPiper, A; Stevenson, A; Piper, A; Stevenson, A
2019-01-01Imprisonment of female urban and rural offenders in Victoria, 1860–1920Nagy, V; Piper, A
2005-05-15An inactive X specific replication origin associated with a matrix attachment region in the human X linked HPRT gene.Koina, E; Piper, A
2019Introduction: Challenging Gender ViolencePiper, A; Stevenson, A; Piper, A; Stevenson, A
2017-03-01Theft on trial: Prosecution, conviction and sentencing patterns in colonial Victoria and Western AustraliaPiper, A; Durnian, L
2020-06-01Time-Layered Cultural Map of AustraliaArthur, P; Champion, E; Craig, H; Gu, N; Harvey, M; Haskins, V; May, A; Pascoe, B; Piper, A; Ryan, L; Smith, R; Verhoeven, D; Reinsone, S; Skadiņa, I; Baklāne, A; Daugavietis, J
2019-06-15Understanding economic abuse as domestic violencePiper, A; Piper, A; Stevenson, A