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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Alternative Perspectives on Markets, Firms, Business (and Industry Organization)Pitelis, C; Cohen, G; Grant, W; Wilson, G
2017-05-01Capabilities, resources, learning and innovation: a blueprint for a post-classical economics and public policyPitelis, C; Runde, J
2008-01CIBAM and the Symposium on `Security, Terrorism and Business'Pitelis, C
2012-12-01Clusters, entrepreneurial ecosystem co-creation, and appropriability: A conceptual frameworkPitelis, C
2009-01The Co-Evolution of Organizational Value Capture, Value Creation and Sustainable AdvantagePitelis, C
2011-01The Competitive Advantage and Catching-Up of Nations: A New Framework and the Role of FDI, Clusters and Public PolicyPitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
2014-01-01De-industrialisation, comparative economic performance and FDI inflows in emerging economiesKudina, A; Pitelis, C
2011-01Determinants of MNE Subsidiaries Decision to Set up Own R&D Laboratories: The Choice of RegionKottaridi, C; Papanastassiou, M; Pitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
2015-12-01Entrepreneurial Imagination and a Demand and Supply-side Perspective on the MNE and Cross-border OrganizationJones, G; Pitelis, C
2011-01European Competition and Industrial Policy: An Assessment and a New FrameworkGlykou, I; Pitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
2010-01From bust to boom: An introductionPitelis, C
2008-07-03Global finance and systemic instabilityArgitis, G; Pitelis, C
2009-01Innovation governance for value capture - the problem and a proposed simple model-based solutionPanagopoulos, A; Pitelis, C
2006-12-01IntroductionPitelis, C; Sugden, R; Wilson, JR
2010-01A Knowledge: Learning-Based Perspective on Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational EnterprisePitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
2011-01Multinational Enterprise and Subsidiaries' Absorptive Capacity and Global Knowledge SourcingKottaridi, C; Papanastassiou, M; Pitelis, C; Thomakos, DD; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
2021-09-28Open Team Production, the New Cooperative Firm and Hybrid AdvantageBerti, M; Pitelis, C
2017-01-01Strategy: Theory and PracticeClegg, SR; Schweitzer, J; Whittle, A; Pitelis, C
2019-11-01Strategy: Theory and PracticeClegg, SR; Schweitzer, J; Whittle, A; Pitelis, C