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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Active visual object search using affordance-map in real world: A human-centric approachPiyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2014-01-01Affordance-map: A map for context-aware path planningPiyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2015-01-01Affordance-map: Mapping human context in 3D scenes using cost-sensitive SVM and virtual human modelsPiyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
-Capacitive Sensor Based 2D Subsurface Imaging Technology for Non Destructive Evaluation of Building SurfacesPiyathilaka, L; Sooriyaarachchi, B; Kodagoda, S; Thiyagarajan, K
2019-01-01Design and development of drill-resistance sensor technology for accurately measuring microbiologically corroded concrete depthsGiovanangeli, N; Piyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S; Thiyagarajan, K; Barclay, S; Vitanage, D
2019-01-01Frequency sweep based sensing technology for non-destructive electrical resistivity measurement of concreteWickramanayake, S; Thiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Piyathilaka, L
2013-08-19Gaussian mixture based HMM for human daily activity recognition using 3D skeleton featuresPiyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2015-01-01Human activity recognition for domestic robotsPiyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2015-10-01Learning Hidden Human Context in 3D Office Scenes by Mapping Affordances Through Virtual HumansPiyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2020-06-21Numerical Modeling of the Effects of Electrode Spacing and Multilayered Concrete Resistivity on the Apparent Resistivity Measured Using Wenner MethodThiyagarajan, K; Acharya, P; Piyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2019-06-01Real-time 3D profiling with RGB-D mapping in pipelines using stereo camera vision and structured IR laser ringGunatilake, A; Piyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S; Barclay, S; Vitanage, D
2019-06-01Some convolution and scale transformation techniques to enhance GPR imagesUlapane, N; Piyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2021-01-01Stereo Vision Combined with Laser Profiling for Mapping of Pipeline Internal DefectsGunatilake, A; Piyathilaka, L; Tran, A; Viswanathan, VK; Thiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S
2021-08-01Using UHF-RFID Signals for Robot Localization Inside PipelinesGunatilake, A; Galea, M; Thiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Piyathilaka, L; Darji, P