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2023-03-28Blockade of ROS production inhibits oncogenic signaling in acute myeloid leukemia and amplifies response to precision therapies.Germon, ZP; Sillar, JR; Mannan, A; Duchatel, RJ; Staudt, D; Murray, HC; Findlay, IJ; Jackson, ER; McEwen, HP; Douglas, AM; McLachlan, T; Schjenken, JE; Skerrett-Byrne, DA; Huang, H; Melo-Braga, MN; Plank, MW; Alvaro, F; Chamberlain, J; De Iuliis, G; Aitken, RJ; Nixon, B; Wei, AH; Enjeti, AK; Huang, Y; Lock, RB; Larsen, MR; Lee, H; Vaghjiani, V; Cain, JE; de Bock, CE; Verrills, NM; Dun, MD
2019-07-01IL-22 and its receptors are increased in human and experimental COPD and contribute to pathogenesisStarkey, MR; Plank, MW; Casolari, P; Papi, A; Pavlidis, S; Guo, Y; Cameron, GJM; Haw, TJ; Tam, A; Obiedat, M; Donovan, C; Hansbro, NG; Nguyen, DH; Nair, PM; Kim, RY; Horvat, JC; Kaiko, GE; Durum, SK; Wark, PA; Sin, DD; Caramori, G; Adcock, IM; Foster, PS; Hansbro, PM
2015-12-01MicroRNA expression is altered in an ovalbumin-induced asthma model and targeting miR-155 with antagomirs reveals cellular specificityPlank, MW; Maltby, S; Tay, HL; Stewart, J; Eyers, F; Hansbro, PM; Foster, PS
2021-06-03T-helper 22 cells develop as a distinct lineage from Th17 cells during bacterial infection and phenotypic stability is regulated by T-bet.Barnes, JL; Plank, MW; Asquith, K; Maltby, S; Sabino, LR; Kaiko, GE; Lochrin, A; Horvat, JC; Mayall, JR; Kim, RY; Hansbro, PM; Keely, S; Belz, GT; Tay, HL; Foster, PS