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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01Author Correction: Collaborative networks in gene editing (Nature Biotechnology, (2019), 37, 10, (1107-1109), 10.1038/s41587-019-0275-z)Huang, Y; Porter, A; Zhang, Y; Barrangou, R
2021-04-01Co-citation, bibliographic coupling and leading authors, institutions and countries in the 50 years of Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeMas-Tur, A; Roig-Tierno, N; Sarin, S; Haon, C; Sego, T; Belkhouja, M; Porter, A; Merigó, JM
2019-10-01Collaborative networks in gene editingHuang, Y; Porter, A; Zhang, Y; Barrangou, R
2020-09-30Crime, Deviance and SocietyRodas, A; Simpson, M; Rawlinson, P; Kramer, R; Ryan, E; Taylor, E; Walters, R; Beckley, A; Cunneen, C; Gore, A; Porter, A; Poynting, S; Russell, E
2016-11-01Decolonizing policing: Indigenous patrols, counter-policing and safetyPorter, A
2021-10Determination of Factors Driving the Genome Editing Field in the CRISPR Era Using Bibliometrics.Huang, Y; Zhang, Y; Wu, M; Porter, A; Barrangou, R
2018-11-01Does deep learning help topic extraction? A kernel k-means clustering method with word embeddingZhang, Y; Lu, J; Liu, F; Liu, Q; Porter, A; Chen, H; Zhang, G
2019-09-01Forecasting technical emergence: An introductionZhang, Y; Porter, A; Chiavetta, D; Newman, NC; Guo, Y
2016-07-01Generating Competitive Technical Intelligence Using Topical Analysis, Patent Citation Analysis, and Term Clumping AnalysisHuang, Y; Zhang, Y; Ma, J; Porter, A; Wang, X; Guo, Y
2016-01-01Identifying target for technology mergers and acquisitions using patent information and semantic analysisHuang, L; Shang, L; Wang, K; Porter, A; Zhang, Y; Daim, T; Porter, A; Chiavetta, D; Saritas, O
2016-01-01Identifying Technological Topic Changes in Patent Claims Using Topic ModelingChen, H; Zhang, Y; Zhu, D; Daim, T; Porter, A; Chiavetta, D; Saritas, O
2017-01-01Indigenous peoples and criminal justice in AustraliaCunneen, C; Porter, A
2017Indigenous Peoples and Criminal Justice in AustraliaCunneen, C; Porter, A
2015-02-28The Price of Law and Order Politics: Re-examining the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Amendment Act 2012 (WA)Porter, A
2020Profiling and predicting the problem-solving patterns in China’s research systems: A methodology of intelligent bibliometrics and empirical insightsZhang, Y; Wu, M; Hu, Z; Ward, R; Zhang, X; Porter, A
2016-12-01Reflections on the Rates of Crime ProjectVivian, A; Porter, A; Behrendt, L
2015-04-01Riotous or Righteous Behaviour? Representations of Subaltern Resistance in the Australian Mainstream MediaPorter, A
2014-11-27Science, Technology & Innovation Textual Data – Oriented Topic Analysis and Forecasting: Model and A Case StudyZhang, Y; Zhang, G; Porter, A; Zhu, D; Lu, J
2017-03-01Seagull syndrome: Relationships between patrol workers and government officials in NSW, AustraliaPorter, A
2016-01-01Semi-automatic Technology Roadmapping Composing Method for Multiple Science, Technology, and Innovation Data IncorporationZhang, Y; Chen, H; Zhu, D; Daim, T; Porter, A; Chiavetta, D; Saritas, O