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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-02Care, Toxics and Being Prey: I Want To Be Good Food for OthersPratt, S
2023-09Embodied LearningAllen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, B; Melvold, J; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Ross, K; Philipp, T; Schmohl, T
2021-09-13Embodied learning for a complex world: exploring creative education approaches through a transdisciplinary workshop.Allen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, A; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Melvold, J; Ross, K
2019Experiential Futures in Transdisciplinary Higher Education: Feeling Futures and Making them Worth our WantsPratt, S; Kligyte, G
2020-05-01FathomPratt, S; Marambio, C; Quigley, K; Hamylton, S; Gibbs, L; Vergés, A; Adams, M; Barcan, R; Neimanis, A
2022-08-01From barriers to boundary objects: Rights of nature in AustraliaPilon-Summons, C; Pratt, S; Brown, PJ; Baumber, A
2019-01-01Learning together: a transdisciplinary approach to student–staff partnerships in higher educationBaumber, A; Kligyte, G; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Pratt, S
2015Of Mice and Measure: Beatriz da Costa’s ‘The Cost of Life Series’Pratt, S
2022-10-31Re-Thinking Felid–Human Entanglements through the Lenses of Compassionate Conservation and Multispecies StudiesSteinhardt, M; Pratt, S; Ramp, D
2020-04-21Speculative Harbouring at Blackwattle BayJohnson, K; Pratt, S
2019Speculative harbouring: Wading into critical pedagogy and practices of carePratt, S; Johnston, K
2019-05-29"Stepping in and Stepping out”: Enabling Creative Third Spaces Through Transdisciplinary PartnershipsKligyte, G; Baumber, A; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Dowd, C; Hazell, N; Le Hunte, A; Newton, M; Roebuck, D; Pratt, S
2021-08-23Teaching Resilience: Enabling Factors for Effective Responses to COVID-19Baumber, A; Allen, L; Key, T; Kligyte, G; Melvold, J; Pratt, S
2018-09-11Trees as landlords and other public experiments: An interview with Natalie JeremijenkoPratt, S; Gibson, P; Brits, B
2015With Fluidity audio walkCottrell, C; Pratt, S
2023-01-01Work-integrated professional learning: shifting paradigms through transdisciplinary engagementKligyte, G; Bowdler, B; Baumber, A; Pratt, S; Allen, L; Buck, A; Le Hunte, B; Melvold, J; Key, T