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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Children's development of structure in early mathematicsMulligan, J; Prescott, A; Mitchelmore, M; M.J. Hoines & A.B. Fuglestad
2017-03-01Engaging primary children and pre-service teachers in a whole school 'Design and Make Day': The evaluation of a creative science and technology collaborationPressick-Kilborn, KJ; Prescott, A
2010-05-01The growth of reflective practice among three beginning secondary mathematics teachersCavanagh, M; Prescott, A
2004-12-01Learning at university: The international student experienceHellstén, M; Prescott, A
2018-01-01“Maths Inside”: A Project to Raise Interest in MathematicsAngelini, M; Prescott, A; Schuck, S; Rai, T; Lee, C; Coupland, M; Downton, A; Livy, S; Hall, J
2017-10-20Professional development for rural and remote teachers using video conferencingMaher, D; Prescott, A
2013-11-01Research evidence on the benefits of IBLBruder, R; Prescott, A
2011-12Retaining effective early career teachers in NSW schoolsSchuck, S; Aubusson, P; Buchanan, J; Prescott, A; Louviere, J; Burke, P
2020-04-06School-university partnerships as rich STEM learning contexts for preservice teachers working with primary studentsPressick-Kilborn, K; Prescott, A; Fitzgerald, A; Haeusler, C; Pfeiffer, L
2013-01-01Teacher retention and attrition: Views of early career teachersBuchanan, J; Prescott, A; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P; Burke, P
2009-01-01Teachers' use of diagnostic testing to enhance students' literacy and numeracy learningLjungdahl, L; Prescott, A
2013-10-01TELPS: A method for analysing mathematics pre-service teachers' Pedagogical Content KnowledgePrescott, A; Bausch, I; Bruder, R
2018-07-01The use of mobile technologies in the primary school mathematics classroom-developing 'create alouds'Prescott, A; Maher, D
2013-06-01Why do early career teachers choose to remain in the profession? The use of best-worst scaling to quantify key factorsBurke, PF; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P; Buchanan, J; Louviere, JJ; Prescott, A