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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-17A New Wolf in Town? Pump-and-Dump Manipulation in Cryptocurrency MarketsDhawan, A; Putniņš, TJ
2023-09-01Biased risk perceptions: Evidence from the laboratory and financial marketsPayzan-LeNestour, E; Pradier, L; Putniņš, TJ
2012-09-01The Effects of Market Makers and Stock Analysts in Emerging MarketsČekauskas, K; Gerasimovs, R; Liatukas, V; Putniņš, TJ
2013-01-01Exporting by Latvian companies: Vitality, drivers of success, and challengesPutniņš, TJ
2019-11-01High frequency trading and comovement in financial marketsMalceniece, L; Malcenieks, K; Putniņš, TJ
2021-03-24Market Efficiency in the Age of Machine LearningBarbopoulos, LG; Dai, R; Putniņš, TJ; Saunders, A
2012-12-01Market manipulation: A surveyPutniņš, TJ
2011-04-01Measuring closing price manipulationComerton-Forde, C; Putniņš, TJ
2015-05-01Measuring the shadow economy using company managersPutniņš, TJ; Sauka, A
2011-03-01Pricing accuracy, liquidity and trader behavior with closing price manipulationComerton-Forde, C; Putniņš, TJ
2016-09-01Shorting at close range: A tale of two typesComerton-Forde, C; Jones, CM; Putniņš, TJ
2016-12-01Should we be afraid of the dark? Dark trading and market qualityFoley, S; Putniņš, TJ
2011-01-01Size and determinants of shadow economies in the Baltic StatesPutniņš, TJ; Sauka, A
2016-05-27The components and determinants of the shadow economy: Evidence from the Baltic countriesPutniņš, TJ; Sauka, A
2023-01-26Using ETFs to Conceal Insider TradingEglīte, E; Štaermans, D; Patel, V; Putniņš, TJ
2021-03-05What Moves Stock Prices? The Role of News, Noise, and InformationBrogaard, J; Nguyen, TH; Putniņš, TJ; Wu, E
2016-06-01Who Sets the Price of Gold? London or New YorkHauptfleisch, M; Putniņš, TJ; Lucey, B