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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Achieving research excellence and citation success: What's the point and how do you do it ?Pyke, GH
1-Aug-2011Activity and abundance of bumble bees near Crested Butte, Colorado: Diel, seasonal, and elevation effectsPyke, GH; Inouye, DW; Thomson, JD
1-May-2010Biological collections and ecological/environmental research: A review, some observations and a look to the futurePyke, GH; Ehrlich, PR
8-Dec-2017Comment on “Cognition-mediated evolution of low-quality floral nectars”Pyke, GH; Waser, NM
1-Feb-2018Conservation and the 4 Rs, which are rescue, rehabilitation, release, and researchPyke, GH; Szabo, JK
1-Jan-2018Do humans forage optimally and what does this mean for zoology on the table?Pyke, GH
4-May-2017Fire-Stimulated Flowering: A Review and Look to the FuturePyke, GH
1-Jun-2017Graham H. Pyke: Sustainability for Humanity: It's Time To Preach Beyond the ConvertedPyke, GH
1-Jan-2013Larvivorous fish for preventing malaria transmissionWalshe, DP; Garner, P; Abdel-Hameed Adeel, AA; Pyke, GH; Burkot, T
11-Dec-2017Larvivorous fish for preventing malaria transmissionWalshe, DP; Garner, P; Adeel, AA; Pyke, GH; Burkot, TR
1-Dec-2012Local geographic distributions of bumble bees near crested butte, Colorado: Competition and community structure revisitedPyke, GH; Inouye, DW; Thomson, JD
26-Apr-2013Marine crabs eating freshwater frogs: Why are such observations so rare?Pyke, GH; Ahyong, ST; Fuessel, A; Callaghan, S
1-Oct-2013Struggling scientists: Please cite our papers!Pyke, GH
1-Jan-2015Understanding movements of organisms: It's time to abandon the Lévy foraging hypothesisPyke, GH
1-Jan-2015Vegetation mounds as over-winter habitat for Green and Golden Bell frogs Litoria aureaWhite, AW; Pyke, GH
1-Jan-2011World War II and the rise of the plague minnow Gambusia holbrooki (Girard, 1859) in AustraliaWhite, AW; Pyke, GH