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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-05-01The cell-mediated immune response to Neospora caninum during pregnancy in the mouse is associated with a bias towards production of interleukin-4Quinn, HE; Miller, CMD; Ellis, JT
2002-01-01Characterisation of the first Australian isolate of Neospora caninum from cattleMiller, CMD; Quinn, HE; Windsor, PA; Ellis, JT
2002-01-01Characterization of an outbred pregnant mouse model of Neospora caninum infectionQuinn, HE; Miller, CMD; Ryce, C; Windsor, PA; Ellis, JT
2019-08-26Effectiveness of acellular pertussis vaccine in older adults: nested matched case-control study.Liu, B; He, W-Q; Newall, AT; Quinn, HE; Bartlett, M; Hayen, A; Sheppeard, V; Rose, N; MacIntyre, CR; McIntyre, P
2002-09-01Neospora caninum: A cause of immunemediated failure of pregnancy?Quinn, HE; Ellis, JT; Smith, NC
2021-02-03Seroprevalence of SARS‐CoV‐2‐specific antibodies in Sydney after the first epidemic wave of 2020Gidding, HF; Machalek, DA; Hendry, AJ; Quinn, HE; Vette, K; Beard, FH; Shilling, HS; Hirani, R; Gosbell, IB; Irving, DO; Hueston, L; Downes, M; Carlin, JB; O'Sullivan, MV; Dwyer, DE; Kaldor, JM; Macartney, K
2022-03Seroprevalence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2-Specific Antibodies in Australia After the First Epidemic Wave in 2020: A National Survey.Vette, KM; Machalek, DA; Gidding, HF; Nicholson, S; O'Sullivan, MVN; Carlin, JB; Downes, M; Armstrong, L; Beard, FH; Dwyer, DE; Gibb, R; Gosbell, IB; Hendry, AJ; Higgins, G; Hirani, R; Hueston, L; Irving, DO; Quinn, HE; Shilling, H; Smith, D; Kaldor, JM; Macartney, K