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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-06Affective Visualization in Virtual Reality: An Integrative ReviewPinilla, A; Garcia, J; Raffe, W; Voigt-Antons, J-N; Spang, RP; Möller, S
2019-08-08Assessment of manual dexterity in VR: Towards a fully automated version of the box and blocks testOña, ED; García, JA; Raffe, W; Jardón, A; Balaguer, C
2020Emotion Recognition Techniques for Geriatric Users: A SnapshotMughal, F; Raffe, W; Garcia, J
2019-08-01Evaluating a VR-based Box and Blocks Test for Automatic Assessment of Manual Dexterity: A Preliminary Study in Parkinson's DiseaseOna, ED; Cuesta-Gomez, A; Garcia, JA; Raffe, W; Sanchez-Herrera, P; Cano-De-La-Cuerda, R; Jardon, A
2022-09-30Fitbits for monitoring depressive symptoms in older aged persons: Qualitative outcomes of a feasibility study (Preprint)Mughal, F; Raffe, W; Stubbs, P; Kneebone, I; Garcia, J
2021-09-30Fitbits for monitoring depressive tendencies in older aged persons: Qualitative outcomes of a feasibility study (Preprint)Mughal, F; Raffe, W; Stubbs, P; Kneebone, I; Garcia, J
2019Gamification of participatory modeling in the context of sustainable development: existing and new solutionsBakhanova, E; Voinov, A; Raffe, W; Garcia Marin, J
2022Gamified process of conceptual model development with stakeholdersBakhanova, E; Garcia Marin, J; Raffe, W; Voinov, A
2020-12-02Generative Audio and Real-Time Soundtrack Synthesis in Gaming Environments: An exploration of how dynamically rendered soundtracks can introduce new artistic sound design opportunities and enhance the immersion of interactive audio spaces.Bossalini, C; Raffe, W; Garcia, JA
2020Heuristic Evaluation for Virtual Reality for Paediatric Cancer Patient: Perceptions of Healthcare ProfessionalsShah Abd Majid, E; Garcia, J; Nordin, I; Alias, H; Raffe, W
2020Learning on Country: A Game-Based approach towards preserving an Australian Aboriginal LanguageKutay, C; Szapiro, D; Garcia, J; Raffe, W
2015-01-01Learning options for an MDP from demonstrationsTamassia, M; Zambetta, F; Raffe, W; Li, X
2016-07-02Predicting player churn in destiny: A Hidden Markov models approach to predicting player departure in a major online gameTamassia, M; Raffe, W; Sifa, R; Drachen, A; Zambetta, F; Hitchens, M
2023-01-05Real-time affect detection in virtual reality: a technique based on a three-dimensional model of affect and EEG signalsPinilla, A; Voigt-Antons, JN; Garcia, J; Raffe, W; Moller, S
2020-01-22Reducing perceived waiting time in theme park queues via an augmented reality gameZambetta, F; Raffe, W; Tamassia, M; Mueller, FF; Li, X; Quinten, N; Patibanda, R; Dang, D; Satterley, J
2021-07Side effects of gamification in the context of participatory modelingBakhanova, E; Garcia Marin, J; Raffe, W; Voinov, A
2022-01-01Towards depression monitoring and prevention in older populations using smart wearables: Quantitative FindingsMughal, F; Raffe, W; Stubbs, P; Garcia, J
2021-02-12Visual representation of emotions in Virtual RealityPinilla, A; Garcia, J; Raffe, W; Voigt-Antons, J-N; Möller, S