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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-01A Review of Agency Architectures in Interactive Drama SystemsMoallem, JD; Raffe, WL
2016-10-16An adaptive training framework for increasing player proficiency in games and simulationsDemediuk, S; Raffe, WL; Li, X
2018-01-29Assessing user engagement with a fall prevention game as an unsupervised exercise program for older peopleGarcia, JA; Raffe, WL; Navarro, KF
2019-01-29Challenging AI: Evaluating the Effect of MCTS-Driven Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment on Player EnjoymentDemediuk, S; Tamassia, M; Li, X; Raffe, WL
2015-11-04Combining Monte Carlo tree search and apprenticeship learning for capture the flagIvanovo, J; Raffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Li, X
2018-06-29Combining skeletal tracking and virtual reality for game-based fall prevention training for the elderlyRaffe, WL; Garcia, JA
2016-01-01Dynamic choice of state abstraction in Q-learningTamassia, M; Zambetta, F; Raffe, WL; Mueller, FF; Li, X
2015-11-04Enhancing theme park experiences through adaptive cyber-physical playRaffe, WL; Tamassia, M; Zambetta, F; Li, X; Mueller, FF
2011-08-24Evolving patch-based terrains for use in video gamesRaffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Li, X
2021-01-01Exploration Of Encoding And Decoding Methods For Spiking Neural Networks On The Cart Pole And Lunar Lander Problems Using Evolutionary TrainingRafe, AW; Garcia, JA; Raffe, WL
2015-06-01Integrated Approach to Personalized Procedural Map Generation Using Evolutionary AlgorithmsRaffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Li, X; Stanley, KO
2019-01-29Last Island: Exploring Transitions to Sustainable Futures through PlayTaghikhah, F; Raffe, WL; Mitri, G; Toit, SD; Voinov, A; Garcia, JA
2018-01-29Measuring player skill using dynamic difficulty adjustmentDemediuk, S; Tamassia, M; Raffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Mueller, FF; Li, X
2017-10-23Monte Carlo tree search based algorithms for dynamic difficulty adjustmentDemediuk, S; Tamassia, M; Raffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Li, X; Mueller, F
2019-08-01Mysterious Murder - MCTS-driven murder mystery generationJaschek, C; Beckmann, T; Garcia, JA; Raffe, WL
2013-08-21Neuroevolution of content layout in the PCG: Angry bots video gameRaffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Li, X
2014-08-01Personalized procedural map generation in games via evolutionary algorithmsRaffe, WL
2018-01-29Player retention in league of legends: A study using survival analysisDemediuk, S; Murrin, A; Bulger, D; Hitchens, M; Drachen, A; Raffe, WL; Tamassia, M
2015-10-05Player-computer interaction features for designing digital play experiences across six degrees of water contactRaffe, WL; Tamassia, M; Zambetta, F; Li, X; Pell, SJ; Mueller, FF
2019-10-17Procedural generation of video game cities for specific video game genres using wavefunctioncollapse (WFC)Gaisbauer, W; Raffe, WL; Garcia, JA; Hlavacs, H