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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2016Benchmarking management practices in Australian public healthcareAgarwal, R; Green, R; Agarwal, N; Randhawa, K
1-Nov-2016A Bibliometric Review of Open Innovation: Setting a Research AgendaRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; Hohberger, J
1-Mar-2013Determinants of quality management practices: An empirical study of New Zealand manufacturing firmsAgarwal, R; Green, R; Brown, PJ; Tan, H; Randhawa, K
14-Jun-2018How do Intermediaries Enable Open Service Innovation?Randhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
1-Oct-2017Knowledge collaboration between organizations and online communities: the role of open innovation intermediariesRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J; Logue, D
5-Aug-2016Knowledge dynamics at the firm-user community boundary: a community of practice viewRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J
1-Jan-2014Lean manufacturing as a high-performance work system: The case of CochlearGollan, PJ; Kalfa, S; Agarwal, R; Green, R; Randhawa, K
Jan-2010Management Matters - How does manufacturing measure up?Green, R; Agarwal, R; Brown, PJ; Tan, H; Randhawa, K
16-May-2016Management practices in Australian healthcare: can NSW public hospitals do better?Agarwal, R; Green, R; Agarwal, N; Randhawa, K
1-Jan-2014Management practices of Australian manufacturing firms: Why are some firms more innovative?Agarwal, R; Brown, PJ; Green, R; Randhawa, K; Tan, H
15-Dec-2016Online Intermediaries and Service Co-creation Capabilities: An Exploratory Case Study of Client Organizations for Open InnovationRandhawa, K; Wilden, R
13-Dec-2018Open Healthcare Innovation: Building Capabilities for Crowdsourcing and Open Service InnovationRandhawa, K; West, J; Wilden, R
2-Dec-2015Open innovation through firm-hosted user communities: A social practice perspective on firm-community relationshipRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J
7-Aug-2015Open Innovation via Firm-Hosted User Communities: A Community of Practice PerspectiveRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J
6-Aug-2018Open Service Innovation for Healthcare OrganizationsRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; West, J
3-Jul-2018Open Service Innovation for Healthcare OrganizationsWilden, R; Randhawa, K; Wilden, R; Garbuio, M; Angeli, F; Mascia, D
10-Aug-2018Open Service Innovation: Capability Portfolio of Online IntermediariesRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
24-Jul-2018Open Service Innovation: The Role of Intermediary CapabilitiesRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
2-Jul-2019Open Social Innovation: Leveraging Seeker Intent and StrategiesRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; West, J
11-Jun-2018Open Social Innovation: Why and How Seekers Use Crowdsourcing for Societal BenefitsRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; West, J