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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08-26CRISPR single base-editing: in silico predictions to variant clonal cell lines.Dickson, K-A; Field, N; Blackman, T; Ma, Y; Xie, T; Kurangil, E; Idrees, S; Rathnayake, SNH; Mahbub, RM; Faiz, A; Marsh, DJ
2021-10Current Smoking Alters Gene Expression and DNA Methylation in the Nasal Epithelium of Patients with Asthma.Reddy, KD; Lan, A; Boudewijn, IM; Rathnayake, SNH; Koppelman, GH; Aliee, H; Theis, F; Oliver, BG; van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2022-09-02Early transcriptional responses of bronchial epithelial cells to whole cigarette smoke mirror those of in-vivo exposed human bronchial mucosa.van der Does, AM; Mahbub, RM; Ninaber, DK; Rathnayake, SNH; Timens, W; van den Berge, M; Aliee, H; Theis, FJ; Nawijn, MC; Hiemstra, PS; Faiz, A
2019-05-01Genetic profiling for disease stratification in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthmaRathnayake, SNH; Van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2023-07Longitudinal Effects of 1-Year Smoking Cessation on Human Bronchial Epithelial Transcriptome.Rathnayake, SNH; Ditz, B; Willemse, BWM; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute LungMAP Consortium,; Timens, W; Kooistra, W; Heijink, IH; Oliver, BGG; van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2021-01-01RAGE and TLR4 differentially regulate airway hyperresponsiveness: implications for COPD.Allam, VSRR; Faiz, A; Lam, M; Rathnayake, SNH; Ditz, B; Pouwels, SD; Brandsma, C-A; Timens, W; Hiemstra, PS; Tew, GW; Neighbors, M; Grimbaldeston, M; van den Berge, M; Donnelly, S; Phipps, S; Bourke, JE; Sukkar, MB
2021-04Single-nucleotide polymorphism rs2070600 regulates AGER splicing and the sputum levels of the COPD biomarker soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-products.Faiz, A; Rathnayake, SNH; Ten Hacken, NHT; Guryev, V; van den Berge, M; Pouwels, SD
2022-11-22Smoking induces shifts in cellular composition and transcriptome within the bronchial mucus barrier.Rathnayake, SNH; Ditz, B; van Nijnatten, J; Sadaf, T; Hansbro, PM; Brandsma, CA; Timens, W; van Schadewijk, A; Hiemstra, PS; Ten Hacken, NHT; Oliver, B; Kerstjens, HAM; van den Berge, M; Faiz, A