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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-04A casework study: The effect of the porcine digestive process on animal carcasses and human teethAtwood, L; Lain, R; Kotzander, J; McCardle, P; Mason, B; Raymond, J; Sears, A
2022-01-01Comparison of operational DNA recovery methods: Swabs versus tapeliftsBurmuzoska, I; Hogg, K; Raymond, J; Hitchcock, C; Meakin, GE
2019-07-29The effects of soaking for DNA recovery on the striation patterns of fired cartridge casesPrasad, E; Van der Walt, L; Cole, A; van Oorschot, RAH; Barash, M; Gunn, P; Raymond, J
2020From Identification to Intelligence: An Assessment of the Suitability of Forensic DNA Phenotyping Service Providers for Use in Australian Law Enforcement Casework.Atwood, L; Raymond, J; Sears, A; Bell, M; Daniel, R
2011-12-01How far have we come with trace DNA since 2004? the Australian and New Zealand experienceRaymond, J; Van Oorschot, RAH; Walsh, SJ; Gunn, PR; Roux, CP
2022-01-01Misidentifications of alphanumeric characters in serial number restorationsWaszczuk, JR; Peacock, L; Chadwick, S; Maynard, P; Raymond, J; Roux, C
2020-11Operationalising forensic genetic genealogy in an Australian context.Scudder, N; Daniel, R; Raymond, J; Sears, A
2023-12Saw marks in bone: A preliminary empirical study to inform decision making and best practice.Dupouy, DLM; Bolton, MS; Berry, TP; Raymond, J; Meakin, GE
2012-11-01Simulated Learning Activities: Improving Midwifery Students' Understanding of Reflective PracticeSmith, R; Gray, J; Raymond, J; Catling-Paull, C; Homer, CSE
2021-10-07Source Level Attribution: DNA Profiling from the ABAcard® HemaTrace® KitWallis, L; Hitchcock, C; McNevin, D; Raymond, J
2012-07-01Surviving, not thriving: A qualitative study of newly qualified midwives' experience of their transition to practiceFenwick, J; Hammond, A; Raymond, J; Smith, R; Gray, J; Foureur, M; Homer, C; Symon, A
2023-01-01The potential of using the forensic profiles of Australian fraudulent identity documents to assist intelligence-led policingDevlin, C; Chadwick, S; Moret, S; Baechler, S; Raymond, J; Morelato, M
2021-11-10Touch DNA recovery from unfired and fired cartridges: Comparison of swabbing, tape lifting and soaking.Prasad, E; Hitchcock, C; Raymond, J; Cole, A; Barash, M; McNevin, D; van Oorschot, RAH
2022-01-01Trace DNA recovery rates from firearms and ammunition as revealed by casework dataPrasad, E; Atwood, L; van Oorschot, RAH; McNevin, D; Barash, M; Raymond, J