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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Character Strengths in Employees in the People's Republic of China: Analysis the Factor Structure of the VIA Inventory of Strengths.Redfern, KA; Simpson, A
5-Dec-2014A Comparative Study of Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Australian and Chinese Business Students.Redfern, KA
12-Mar-2010Consideration of the Role of Guanxi in the Ethical Judgments of Chinese ManagersHo, C; Redfern, KA
Jan-2009Cultural differences in attitudes toward plagiarism in undergraduate business students: An empirical investigationRedfern, KA; Barnwell, NS; Beaumont, N
Jan-2007Guanxi and the ethical judgements and moral reasoning of Hong Kong managersHo, CY; Redfern, KA; Crawford, JD; Leonard, D
Jan-2002Industrialisation and the evolution of managerial values across three regions in the People's Republic of ChinaRedfern, KA; attached, NIEAPE
Jan-2002Moral philosophy in the people's republic of China: a regional investigationRedfern, KA; Crawford, JD; Bennington, L
2016Regional differences in business ethics in the People's Republic of China: A multi-dimensional approach to the effects of modernisationRedfern, KA; Crawford, J; Huang, XY
Jan-2008The role of individual values and westernisation on the Guanxi orientation of Hong Kong managersHo, CY; Redfern, KA; Wilson, M
Jan-2009Toward a multi-dimensional understanding of Guanxi: A study of business ethics in the Chinese banking industryRedfern, KA; Ho, CY
1-Apr-2011What Motivates People to Serve in Nonprofit Sector: Reflection on AltruismZhang, R; Redfern, KA; Green, J