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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005A Christian Understanding of Property: Spiritual themes underlying Western propertySmall, GR; Reed, R
Jan-2005Complexities in the career-family perspectives of young professionalsCastleman, T; Coulthard, D; Reed, R
Jan-2011Examining and quantifying the drivers behind alterations and extensions to commercial buildings in a central business districtWilkinson, SJ; Reed, R
Jan-2002From 'gee whizz' to 'shock-horror': The limited frameworks of science journalismReed, R
Jan-2008A green profession? A global survey of RICS members and their engagement with the sustainability agendaDixon, T; Colantonio, A; Shiers, D; Reed, R; Wilkinson, SJ; Gallimore, P
Jan-2009Green roof retrofit potential in the central business districtWilkinson, SJ; Reed, R
Jan-2003'I mean you want to be there for them': Young Australian Professionals Negotiating Careers in a Gendered WorldReed, R; Allen, M; Castleman, T; Coulthard, D
Jan-2009International Comparison of Sustainable Rating ToolsReed, R; Bilos, A; Wilkinson, SJ; Schulte, K
Jan-2004The Public Right to Know About ScienceReed, R
Jan-2005Residential Property Investment: Is Regulatory Change NeccessaryMangioni, V; Reed, R
Jan-2005Selling Your Family: Why Customary Title Is Incomparable To Western Conceptions Of Property ValueSheehan, JB; Small, GR; Reed, R
Jan-2001(Un) Professional Discourse? Journalists and Scientists' Stories about Science in the MediaReed, R
Jan-2011User Satisfaction in Sustainable Office Buildings: A Preliminary StudyWilkinson, SJ; Reed, R; Jailani, J; Technical Committee
Jan-2009Using building adaptation to deliver sustainability in AustraliaWilkinson, SJ; James, K; Reed, R