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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A qualitative inquiry into the acceptability of schema therapy in Hong Kong and Singapore: implications for cultural responsiveness in the practice of schema therapyMao, A; Brockman, R; Neo, HLM; Siu, SHC; Liu, X; Rhodes, P
2014-01-01A comparison of two systemic family therapy reflecting team interventionsMitchell, P; Rhodes, P; Wallis, A; Wilson, V
2020-11-01Decolonising clinical psychology: National and international perspectivesCullen, K; Rhodes, P; Brockman, R; Hunt, C; Langtiw, CL
2021-08-01Dialogical inquiry: multivocality and the interpretation of textWells, R; Barker, S; Boydell, K; Buus, N; Rhodes, P; River, J
2014-01-01Experiences of Countertransference: Reports of Clinical Psychology StudentsCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A
2013-11-01Exploring the in-session reflective capacity of clinical psychology trainees: An interpersonal process recall studyBurgess, S; Rhodes, P; Wilson, V
2015-01-01A Pilot Study of a Method for Teaching Clinical Psychology Trainees to Conceptualise and Manage CountertransferenceCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A
1995-05-09Roles of nitric oxide in tumor growth.Jenkins, DC; Charles, IG; Thomsen, LL; Moss, DW; Holmes, LS; Baylis, SA; Rhodes, P; Westmore, K; Emson, PC; Moncada, S
2019-06-15We Are Barometers of the City; Collected Poems by PsychologistsRhodes, P; Azim, KA; Saab, K; Nelson, R; River, J; Parker, L; McAulay, C; Donnet, A; Breckenridge, J; Gessler, D; Salter, M; Langtiw, CL; Rogers, T; Cook, A
2021-01-01‘You'll Never Get Cultural Competence in Science': An Australian Perspective on Integrating Cultural Competence into Science Teaching Via Cultural AccountabilityCross, R; Quinnell, R; Bell, T; Rhodes, P; Dancso, Z; Hubble, T; Wardle, G; Lewis, M; Motion, A; Murphy, D; Gongora, J