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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-18Biodiesel Production from Reutealis trisperma Oil Using Conventional and Ultrasonication through Esterification and TransesterificationRiayatsyah, TMI; Thaib, R; Silitonga, AS; Milano, J; Shamsuddin, AH; Sebayang, AH; Rahmawaty,; Sutrisno, J; Mahlia, TMI
2017-10-18A comparative study of biodiesel production methods for Reutealis trisperma biodieselSilitonga, AS; Mahlia, TMI; Ong, HC; Riayatsyah, TMI; Kusumo, F; Ibrahim, H; Dharma, S; Gumilang, D
2022-01-14Current Progress of Jatropha Curcas Commoditisation as Biodiesel Feedstock: A Comprehensive ReviewRiayatsyah, TMI; Sebayang, AH; Silitonga, AS; Padli, Y; Fattah, IMR; Kusumo, F; Ong, HC; Mahlia, TMI
2017-01-01Life cycle cost and sensitivity analysis of reutealis trisperma as non-edible feedstock for future biodiesel productionRiayatsyah, TMI; Ong, HC; Chong, WT; Aditya, L; Hermansyah, H; Mahlia, TMI
2018-03-01Methodology for implementing power plant efficiency standards for power generation: potential emission reductionMahlia, TMI; Lim, JY; Aditya, L; Riayatsyah, TMI; Pg Abas, AE; Nasruddin
2022-07-01Techno-Economic Analysis and Optimisation of Campus Grid-Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using HOMER GridRiayatsyah, TMI; Geumpana, TA; Rizwanul Fattah, IM; Rizal, S; Indra Mahlia, TM
2019-09-01Techno-economic analysis and physicochemical properties of Ceiba pentandra as second-generation biodiesel based on ASTM D6751 and EN 14214Jamaluddin, NAM; Riayatsyah, TMI; Silitonga, AS; Mofijur, M; Shamsuddin, AH; Ong, HC; Mahlia, TMI; Rahman, SMA