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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Development of a graphic medicine-enabled social media-based intervention for youth social anxietyRice, S; O'Bree, B; Wilson, M; McEnery, C; Lim, MH; Hamilton, M; Gleeson, J; Bendall, S; D'Alfonso, S; Russon, P; Valentine, L; Cagliarini, D; Howell, S; Miles, C; Pearson, M; Álvarez‐Jiménez, M
2019-05-01Dihydropyrrolones as bacterial quorum sensing inhibitorsAlmohaywi, B; Yu, TT; Iskander, G; Chan, DSH; Ho, KKK; Rice, S; Black, DSC; Griffith, R; Kumar, N
2019-09-05‘Finally an academic approach that prepares you for the real world’: simulations for human rights skills development in higher educationMcGaughey, F; Hartley, L; Banki, S; Duffill, P; Stubbs, M; Orchard, P; Rice, S; Berg, L; Kerdo, PP
2017-01-01A Governance Framework for Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Protection and UseStoianoff, N; Levy, R; O'Brien, M; Rice, S; Ridge, P; Thornton, M
2018-12-17Indigenous Australians: Continuity of colonisation in law and social workLibesman, T; Briskman, L; Rice, S; Day, A; Briskman, L
2014-01Refugees and asylum seekers: Social work practice with refugees and asylum seekersFiske, LI; Rice, S; Day, A
2021-02Social anxiety in young people with first-episode psychosis: Pilot study of the EMBRACE moderated online social intervention.McEnery, C; Lim, MH; Knowles, A; Rice, S; Gleeson, J; Howell, S; Russon, P; Miles, C; D'Alfonso, S; Alvarez-Jimenez, M
2016Social Justice Case StudiesBerg, LA; Banki, S; Stubbs, M; Rice, S; Duffill, P; Kerdo, P; Hartley, L; Orchard, P; McGaughey, F
2016Social Justice Exercise ManualBerg, LA; Banki, S; Stubbs, M; Duffill, P; Rice, S; Hartley, L; McGaughey, F; Kerdo, P; Orchard, P
2009-01Social work practice and Indigenous AustraliansBriskman, L; Libesman, T; Swain, P; Rice, S
2021-06The Horyzons project: a randomized controlled trial of a novel online social therapy to maintain treatment effects from specialist first-episode psychosis services.Alvarez-Jimenez, M; Koval, P; Schmaal, L; Bendall, S; O'Sullivan, S; Cagliarini, D; D'Alfonso, S; Rice, S; Valentine, L; Penn, DL; Miles, C; Russon, P; Phillips, J; McEnery, C; Lederman, R; Killackey, E; Mihalopoulos, C; Gonzalez-Blanch, C; Gilbertson, T; Lal, S; Cotton, SM; Herrman, H; McGorry, PD; Gleeson, JFM