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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05-01Adaptation Strategies to Address Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Māori Communities in Aotearoa-New Zealand: A Case Study of Dairy Farming in the Horowhenua Coastal ZoneSmith, H; Allan, P; Bryant, M; Poutama, M; Spinks, A; Manning, M; Hardy, D; Richardson, J; Patterson, M; Richards, A
2023-05Assessing Outcomes for Cost-Utility Analysis in Children and Adolescents With Mental Health Problems: Are Multiattribute Utility Instruments Fit for Purpose?Mihalopoulos, C; Chen, G; Scott, JG; Bucholc, J; Allen, C; Coghill, D; Jenkins, P; Norman, R; Ratcliffe, J; Richardson, J; Stathis, S; Viney, R
2013-12-01Authentic early experience in Medical Education: A socio-cultural analysis identifying important variables in learning interactions within workplacesYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J; Hays, R
2013-01-01The consequences of authentic early experience for medical students: Creation of mētisYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J
1992-01-01A cost utility analysis of mammography screening in AustraliaHall, J; Gerard, K; Salkeld, G; Richardson, J
2007-01An Ontology-based Multi-Agent System for the Accommodation IndustryYang, K; Lo, AC; Steele, RJ; Richardson, J
2020-01-02Patterns of narrative discourse in early recovery following severe Traumatic Brain InjuryPower, E; Weir, S; Richardson, J; Fromm, D; Forbes, M; MacWhinney, B; Togher, L
2013-03-15Sharing methodology: A worked example of theoretical integration with qualitative data to clarify practical understanding of learning and generate new theoretical developmentYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J