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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-01Beyond this point here be dragons: consideration and caution for supervising HDR writing trauma projectsRickett, C; Joseph, SA
2014David Shields' way of making: Creative manoeuvre or HDR nightmare?Joseph, SA; Rickett, C; Strange, S; Hetherington, P; Webb, J
2017-01-01Embedding, embellishing and embarrassing: Brian Williams ‘misremembers’ but social media reminds himJoseph, SA; Rickett, C
2014-01-01‘No News Today’: 24/7 fatigue and the welcome gaps in reporting storylines.Joseph, SA; Rickett, C; Pittaway, G; Smithies, L
2022-08Patients' perspectives of healthcare-associated infection: 'you don't know what impacts it will have on your life'.Mitchell, BG; Northcote, M; Rickett, C; Russo, PL; Amin, M; De Sousa, F; Pearce, K; Sim, J; Curryer, C
2014Patonga Full Moon RisingJoseph, SA; Beveridge, J; Rickett, C
2019-10-01Peripheries and praxis: the effect of rubric co-construction on student perceptions of their learningJoseph, S; Rickett, C; Northcote, M; Christian, B; Seddon, J
2017-09-01Supervisor's Perspectives on the Ethical Supervision of Long Form Writing and Managing Trauma Narrative within the Australian Tertiary SectorJoseph, SA; Rickett, C
2018-01-01To Begin to Know: Resolving ethical tensions in David Leser’s patriographical workJoseph, SA; Rickett, C; Joseph, S; Avieson, B; Giles, F
2020‘Who are you to judge my writing?’: Student collaboration in the co-construction of assessment rubricsJoseph, SA; Rickett, C; Northcote, M; Christian, B
2010-01The writing cure?: ethical considerations in managing creative practice lifewriting projectsJoseph, SA; Rickett, C; Joseph, S; Rickett, C