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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01A 10 point plan for a sustainable transport futureRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; White, S
2021-09A cross cultural meat paradox: A qualitative study of Australia and India.Khara, T; Riedy, C; Ruby, MB
2023-01-01Action Research Pedagogy in Educational Institutions: Emancipatory, Relational, Critical and ContextualRiedy, C; Parenti, M; Childers-McKee, C; Teehankee, B
2017-01-01Assessing transdisciplinary doctoral research: quality criteria and implications for the examination processWilletts, JR; Mitchell, C; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
2015-01-01Australian climate action groups in the deliberative systemRiedy, C; Kent, J
2017-01-01Being a transdisciplinary researcher: skills and dispositions fostering competence in transdisciplinary research and practiceFam, DM; Smith, T; Cordell, D; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
2015-06-10The Big Question: Climate’s Biggest Losers: Who has the most to lose from climate change in your country?Nyamwanza, A; Kayhan, AK; Pandit, MK; Haque, A; Riedy, C; Doherty-Bigara, J; Galarraga, I; Dingman, E
2002-01Business as usual in the Australian energy sector: utopia in disguiseRiedy, C
2006-01Capital Region Climate Change Forum: Citizens' ReportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; Lewis, J
2008-01Carbon Offset Watch 2008 assessment reportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM
2008-01Carbon Offset Watch summaryRiedy, C; Atherton, AM
2018-07-03Celebrities, credibility, and complementary frames: raising the agenda of sustainable and other ‘inconvenient’ food issues in social media campaigningFriedlander, J; Riedy, C
2014-03-01Changing our Tune: Scoping the potential of the Australian music industry to address climate changeBerry, F; Wynne, LE; Riedy, C
2016Climate ChangeRiedy, C
2011-01Climate governance is failing us: We all need to respondRiedy, C; McGregor, IM
2019-07Collaborative Housing: Where to next?Riedy, C; McGee, C; Daly, M; Wynne, L
2004-01Community EmPOWERment: Final research reportRiedy, C; Wilson, E; Cheney, HE; Tarlo, K
2004-01Community EmPOWERment: Summary reportRiedy, C; Wilson, E; Cheney, HE; Tarlo, K
2023-07-01Correction: Regenerative agriculture: a potentially transformative storyline shared by nine discourses (Sustainability Science, (2023), 18, 4, (1833-1849), 10.1007/s11625-022-01281-1)Gordon, E; Davila, F; Riedy, C
2017-01-01Creating knowledge: visual communication design research in transdisciplinary projectsWilliams, J; Fam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C