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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10A systematic review examining the effectiveness of blending technology with team-based learning.River, J; Currie, J; Crawford, T; Betihavas, V; Randall, S
2018-01Beyond the Medical Model: Future Directions for Suicide Intervention Services.Fitzpatrick, SJ; River, J
2018-06Convergent priorities and tensions: a qualitative study of the integration of complementary and alternative therapies with conventional cancer treatment.River, J; McKenzie, H; Levy, D; Pavlakis, N; Back, M; Oh, B
2021-08-01Dialogical inquiry: multivocality and the interpretation of textWells, R; Barker, S; Boydell, K; Buus, N; Rhodes, P; River, J
2018-01Diverse and Dynamic Interactions: A Model of Suicidal Men's Help Seeking as It Relates to Health Services.River, J
2020-02'Every single minute and hour is scrutinised': neoliberalism and Australian private mental health care.Dawson, L; River, J; McCloughen, A; Buus, N
2018-04Experiences of giving and receiving care in traumatic brain injury: An integrative review.Kivunja, S; River, J; Gullick, J
2017-04-01Factors affecting whether or not cancer patients consider using acupunctureOh, B; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Pavlakis, N; Clarke, S; Eslick, G; River, J; Back, M
2017-03Grace Under Pressure: a drama-based approach to tackling mistreatment of medical students.Scott, KM; Berlec, Š; Nash, L; Hooker, C; Dwyer, P; Macneill, P; River, J; Ivory, K
2017-08Impact of community based nurse-led clinics on patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, patient access and cost effectiveness: A systematic review.Randall, S; Crawford, T; Currie, J; River, J; Betihavas, V
2022-12-07Learning that cannot come from a book: An evaluation of an undergraduate alcohol and other drugs subject co-produced with experts by experience.Goodhew, M; River, J; Samuel, Y; Gough, C; Street, K; Gilford, C; Cutler, N; Orr, F
2021-05Masculinities, emotions and men's suicide.River, J; Flood, M
2018-09Masculinity, Social Connectedness, and Mental Health: Men's Diverse Patterns of Practice.McKenzie, SK; Collings, S; Jenkin, G; River, J
2018Men’s Mental Health Services: The Case for a Masculinities ModelSeidler, ZE; Rice, SM; River, J; Oliffe, JL; Dhillon, HM
2022-10-01Navigating the role of clinician-researcher: Insights from a Constructivist Grounded Theory study in traumatic brain injuryKivunja, S; Pryor, J; River, J; Gullick, J
2020-03-01Not ‘Just a Talking Head’: Experiences of Australian Public Mental Health Clinicians Implementing a Dialogical Family Therapy Approach for Young People with Severe Mental Health ConcernsSidis, A; Ramirez, J; Dawson, L; River, J; Buus, N; Singh, R; Pickard, J; Deane, F
2020-12-11Peer Support and Open Dialogue: Possibilities for Transformation and Resistance in Mental Health ServicesKemp, H; Bellingham, B; Gill, K; McCloughen, A; Roper, C; Buus, N; River, J
2018-10Peer work in Open Dialogue: A discussion paper.Bellingham, B; Buus, N; McCloughen, A; Dawson, L; Schweizer, R; Mikes-Liu, K; Peetz, A; Boydell, K; River, J
2017-12'Shadowing' as a management strategy for chemotherapy outpatient primary support persons.McKenzie, H; White, K; Hayes, L; Fitzpatrick, S; Cox, K; River, J
2021"Should it fit? Yes. does it fit? No": Exploring the organisational processes of introducing a recovery-oriented approach to mental health in Australian private health care.River, J