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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-01Advancing precision public health using human genomics: examples from the field and future research opportunitiesRoberts, MC; Fohner, AE; Landry, L; Olstad, DL; Smit, AK; Turbitt, E; Allen, CG
2019-08-03Early career investigators and precision public healthAllen, CG; Fohner, AE; Landry, L; Paul, J; Smith, SG; Turbitt, E; Roberts, MC
2019-08-01Ethnic identity and engagement with genome sequencing researchTurbitt, E; Roberts, MC; Hollister, BM; Lewis, KL; Biesecker, LG; Klein, WMP
2023-11Extending an Antiracism Lens to the Implementation of Precision Public Health Interventions.Allen, CG; Olstad, DL; Kahkoska, AR; Guan, Y; Ramos, PS; Steinberg, J; Staras, SAS; Lumpkins, CY; Milko, LV; Turbitt, E; Rahm, AK; Saylor, KW; Best, S; Hatch, A; Santangelo, I; Roberts, MC
2019-06-01Genetic counseling, genetic testing, and risk perceptions for breast and colorectal cancer: Results from the 2015 National Health Interview SurveyTurbitt, E; Roberts, MC; Taber, JM; Waters, EA; McNeel, TS; Biesecker, BB; Klein, WMP
2023-08-04Genetic testing and other healthcare use by Black and white individuals in a genomic sequencing study.Saylor, KW; Klein, WM; Calancie, L; Lewis, KL; Biesecker, LG; Turbitt, E; Roberts, MC
2018-05-01Intentions to share exome sequencing results with family members: Exploring spousal beliefs and attitudesTurbitt, E; Roberts, MC; Ferrer, RA; Taber, JM; Lewis, KL; Biesecker, LG; Biesecker, BB; Klein, WM
2019-01-01Perspectives from early career investigators who are “staying in the game” of precision public health researchAllen, CG; Fohner, AE; Landry, L; Paul, JL; Smith, SG; Turbitt, E; Roberts, MC
2022-07-07Precision Public Health Initiatives in Cancer: Proceedings from the Transdisciplinary Conference for Future Leaders in Precision Public Health.Allen, CG; Turbitt, E; Smit, AK; Passero, LE; Olstad, DL; Hatch, A; Landry, L; Roberts, MC
2019-10-01Psychosocial, attitudinal, and demographic correlates of cancer-related germline genetic testing in the 2017 Health Information National Trends SurveyRoberts, MC; Turbitt, E; Klein, WMP
2021-10Uptake of Genetic Testing Among Patients with Cancer At Risk for Lynch Syndrome in the National Health Interview Survey.Actkins, KV; Srinivasan, S; Spees, LP; Turbitt, E; Allen, CG; Roberts, MC
2022Using a Participatory Approach to Develop Research Priorities for Future Leaders in Cancer-Related Precision Public Health.Roberts, MC; Mader, JM; Turbitt, E; Smit, AK; Landry, L; Olstad, DL; Passero, LE; Allen, CG