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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-09Australia-SPC Partnership Evaluation 2022Winterford, K; Gero, A; Low, I; Robinson, L
2022-11-22Australia-SPC Partnership Evaluation 2022 - SYNTHESIS EVALUATION REPORTWinterford, K; Gero, A; Low, I; Robinson, L
2023-09-01Breathlessness limiting exertion in very old adults: findings from the Newcastle 85+ study.Johnson, MJ; Pitel, L; Currow, DC; Forbes, C; Soyiri, I; Robinson, L
2018-01-01The business of integrated care: Implementing new models of care in a fee-for-service settingYu, S; Van Gool, K; Edwards, K; Kirby, S; Gardner, K; Robinson, L; Linehan, T; Harris, M; Hall, J
2012-01Information Science and 21st Century Information Practices: creatively engaging with informationAnderson, TK; Bawden, D; Robinson, L
2017-01-01‘My Manor’s Ill’: How Underground Music Told the Real Story of the UK RiotsAttfield, SJ; Gildart, K; Gough-Yates, A; Lincoln, S; Osgerby, B; Robinson, L; Webb, P; Street, J; Worley, M
2021-06-18Regional Research on Girls’ Civic Engagement and Activism for Gender Equality in Asia-PacificMegaw, T; Winterford, K; Arifiani, SD; Low, I; Robinson, L
2016-12-01Sleep quality subtypes and obesityMagee, CA; Reddy, P; Robinson, L; McGregor, A
2012-01Theoretical approaches and practical strategies for change managementMcGraw, P; Taylor, TL; Lock, D; Robinson, L; Chelladurai, P; Bodet, G; Downward, P
2007-01Towards curriculum 2.0: Library/information education for a Web 2.0 world, Library and Information ResearchBawden, D; Robinson, L; Anderson, TK; Bates, J; Rutkausiene, U; Vilar, P