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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-14A dynamic, ring-forming MucB / RseB-like protein influences spore shape in Bacillus subtilis.Luhur, J; Chan, H; Kachappilly, B; Mohamed, A; Morlot, C; Awad, M; Lyras, D; Taib, N; Gribaldo, S; Rudner, DZ; Rodrigues, CDA
2017-09-01The Bacillus subtilis germinant receptor GerA triggers premature germination in response to morphological defects during sporulationRamírez-Guadiana, FH; Meeske, AJ; Wang, X; Rodrigues, CDA; Rudner, DZ
2016-05-01Connecting the dots of the bacterial cell cycle: Coordinating chromosome replication and segregation with cell divisionHajduk, IV; Rodrigues, CDA; Harry, EJ
2011Establishing how bacterial cells position the division siteRodrigues, CDA
2018-11-01Evidence that regulation of intramembrane proteolysis is mediated by substrate gating during sporulation in Bacillus subtilisRamírez-Guadiana, FH; Rodrigues, CDA; Marquis, KA; Campo, N; Barajas-Ornelas, RDC; Brock, K; Marks, DS; Kruse, AC; Rudner, DZ
2021-06-29FisB relies on homo-oligomerization and lipid binding to catalyze membrane fission in bacteriaLandajuela, A; Braun, M; Rodrigues, CDA; Martínez-Calvo, A; Doan, T; Horenkamp, F; Andronicos, A; Shteyn, V; Williams, ND; Lin, C; Wingreen, NS; Rudner, DZ; Karatekin, E
2021-10-30FtsK and SpoIIIE, coordinators of chromosome segregation and envelope remodeling in bacteria.Chan, H; Mohamed, AMT; Grainge, I; Rodrigues, CDA
2022-10-26Genetic Screens Identify Additional Genes Implicated in Envelope Remodeling during the Engulfment Stage of Bacillus subtilis Sporulation.Chan, H; Taib, N; Gilmore, MC; Mohamed, AMT; Hanna, K; Luhur, J; Nguyen, H; Hafiz, E; Cava, F; Gribaldo, S; Rudner, D; Rodrigues, CDA; Storz, G
2016-01-06High-Throughput Genetic Screens Identify a Large and Diverse Collection of New Sporulation Genes in Bacillus subtilisMeeske, AJ; Rodrigues, CDA; Brady, J; Lim, HC; Bernhardt, TG; Rudner, DZ
2022-02-23Hydroxyl Radical Overproduction in the Envelope: an Achilles' Heel in Peptidoglycan Synthesis.Giacomucci, S; Alvarez, L; Rodrigues, CDA; Cava, F; Paradis-Bleau, C
2010-01-01Influence of the nucleoid and the early stages of DNA replication on positioning the division site in Bacillus subtilisMoriya, S; Rashid, RA; Rodrigues, CDA; Harry, EJ
2012-03-01The min system and nucleoid occlusion are not required for identifying the division site in bacillus subtilis but ensure its efficient utilizationRodrigues, CDA; Harry, EJ
2018-08-01The New Kid on the Block: A Specialized Secretion System during Bacterial SporulationMorlot, C; Rodrigues, CDA
2019-09-01The ParB homologs, Spo0J and Noc, together prevent premature midcell Z ring assembly when the early stages of replication are blocked in Bacillus subtilisHajduk, IV; Mann, R; Rodrigues, CDA; Harry, EJ
2013-09-01Peptidoglycan hydrolysis is required for assembly and activity of the transenvelope secretion complex during sporulation in Bacillus subtilisRodrigues, CDA; Marquis, KA; Meisner, J; Rudner, DZ
2016-10-11A ring-shaped conduit connects the mother cell and forespore during sporulation in Bacillus subtilisRodrigues, CDA; Henry, X; Neumann, E; Kurauskas, V; Bellard, L; Fichou, Y; Schanda, P; Schoehn, G; Rudner, DZ; Morlot, C
2016-04Salt-sensitivity of σ(H) and Spo0A prevents sporulation of Bacillus subtilis at high osmolarity avoiding death during cellular differentiation.Widderich, N; Rodrigues, CDA; Commichau, FM; Fischer, KE; Ramirez-Guadiana, FH; Rudner, DZ; Bremer, E
2018-12-01Structural characterization of the sporulation protein GerM from Bacillus subtilisTrouve, J; Mohamed, A; Leisico, F; Contreras-Martel, C; Liu, B; Mas, C; Rudner, DZ; Rodrigues, CDA; Morlot, C
2021-11-19Structural insights into ring-building motif domains involved in bacterial sporulation.Liu, B; Chan, H; Bauda, E; Contreras-Martel, C; Bellard, L; Villard, A-M; Mas, C; Neumann, E; Fenel, D; Favier, A; Serrano, M; Henriques, AO; Rodrigues, CDA; Morlot, C
2017-09-01A two-step transport pathway allows the mother cell to nurture the developing spore in Bacillus subtilisRamírez-Guadiana, FH; Meeske, AJ; Rodrigues, CDA; Barajas-Ornelas, RDC; Kruse, AC; Rudner, DZ