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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Can we do it better next time? a critical view of the effectiveness of Australian VET policies of the 1990's and the need for policy changeCornford, IR; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
2004-01Developing expertise in learning: some implications for vocational education and trainingCornford, IR; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
2002-01Effects of changes to the Australian public service upon VET policy formulation and implementationCornford, IR; Roebuck, D; Searle, J
2002-01-01Envisioning practice: the roles of context, judgement and informal learningHager, P; Halliday, J; Searle, E; Roebuck, D
2002-01Far transfer for complex problem solving: some important issuesCornford, IR; Roebuck, D; Searle, J
2003-01An inclusive learning culture: Post-compulsory education for a 'second chance'Te Riele, K; Searle, J; Yashin-Shaw, I; Roebuck, D
2002-01Learning and assessment in the workplace: models of practiceJohnston, RR; Hawke, GA; Roebuck, D; Searle, J
2004-01Learning in a measured workplaceCrouch, ML; Holland, T; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
2002-01Researching the pedagogies of the new vocationalismChappell, CS; Roebuck, D; Searle, J
2005-01The revolution certainly has not succeeded! Reconceptualising Australian Vocational Education for the 21st CenturyCornford, IR; Searle, J; Bevan, F; Roebuck, D
2019-05-29"Stepping in and Stepping out”: Enabling Creative Third Spaces Through Transdisciplinary PartnershipsKligyte, G; Baumber, A; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Dowd, C; Hazell, N; Le Hunte, A; Newton, M; Roebuck, D; Pratt, S
2004-01A study of Chinese and Australian further and higher education leadersPithers, RT; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
2005-01Understanding Workplace Judgements: Internal and External GoodsHager, P; Searle, J; Bevan, F; Roebuck, D
2005-01Unpacking the meaning(s) of 'learning styles' in Australian Vocational EducationCornford, IR; Searle, J; Beven, F; Roebuck, D